AI Co., Ltd. announced that high-quality speech synthesis AITalk (R) has been adopted for the robot cafe package “& robot café system” developed and provided by QBIT Robotics Co., Ltd.

Both companies are preparing for commercialization of the “& robot café system” that uses AITalk (R). He is aiming to build a new relationship where robots and people can collaborate happily.

“AITalk (R) SDK” product site

Below is a quote from the press release

AI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Daisuke Yoshida, Securities Code: 4388, hereinafter AI) is QBIT Robotics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Hiroya Nakano, hereinafter QBIT Robotics) ) Has adopted high-quality voice synthesis AITalk (R) for the robot cafe package “& robot café system” developed and provided by) today, June 12, 2019.

■ About AITalk (R) adoption in “& robot café system”

“& Robot café system” is a KIOSK type cafe package where the robot store manager makes drinks, attracts customers, and serves customers. Since speech is involved in the call-in and dance scenes, it was necessary to introduce high-quality real-time speech synthesis. This time, by adopting AI’s high-quality speech synthesis engine “AITalk (R) SDK”, free speech by AITalk (R) synthetic speech is realized.

QBIT Robotics has adopted the AITalk (R) SDK because it has a wide variety of voices, and it is easy to adjust intonation with the SDK tuning tool “AITalk (R) Voice Craftsman (R) Package Version”. I was evaluated for what I could do.

The “& robot café system” that uses AITalk (R) is being prepared for commercialization. We aim to build a new relationship in which robots and people collaborate happily.

● Click here for “& robot café system” products and QBIT Robotics (QBIT Robotics company site)

The “& robot café system” that adopted AITalk (R) will be exhibited at the UCC Group-sponsored exhibition business meeting “UCC FOODS Smile Festa 2019” as the “& robot café system by UCC” jointly developed by QBIT Robotics and the UCC Group. it was done.
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■ About “AITalk (R) SDK”

“AITalk (R) SDK” product site

“AITalk (R) SDK” is a real-time speech synthesis engine compatible with Windows OS and Linux OS. By installing the library (dll or so) in the form of providing the library (dll or so) in package software, robots, digital signage, etc., you can freely synthesize voice with human-like and natural AITalk (R) voice. You can to be.

■ What is Speech Synthesis AITalk (R)?

AITalk (R) is a speech synthesis engine that uses a corpus-based speech synthesis method and allows you to freely synthesize speech with more human-like and natural speech.

● Three features

(1) Abundant speakers and languages
Japanese speakers are available in 15 types of men and women, from adults to children, and Kansai dialect. An abundant voice lineup with more than 36 types of languages.
(2) Realize emotional expression Realize emotional expression of emotions according to the situation and purpose of use.
(3) Convert any voice into synthetic data Entertainers, voice actors, and even your own voice can be converted into voice synthesis data in a short time.
* 1: The number of recorded sentences varies depending on the plan, and there are differences in recording time due to reading speed and reading errors depending on the individual.
* 2: Generally, the sound quality improves as the number of recorded sentences increases. We will propose the optimum number of recordings and voice dictionary creation method depending on the application.

■ AI Co., Ltd. Company profile

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Established on the 10th floor of KDX Kasuga Building : April 2003
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