This year have seen the rise of sensitivity and action towards the growing global climate crisis.
So, it is not a surprise that even the robotics industry have started to put forth change in what it does.

Trash build up is a global epidemic with recycling industries at loss with what to do with island sized trashes today. However the situation may seem, the robotics industry has now stepped up it’s game to help with the growing epidemic.

A little history about waste management in the world. Used to be, the world relied on China to buy up the world’s waste until two years ago when they placed strict protocols about the kinds of raw materials they would start accepting. This new policy has taken its toll on recycling companies leading to unmanaged waste build up that’s continually getting larger everyday.

In response, a company called Sequoia Capital is partnering with AMP’s technology to invest in a robotic automation to improve efficiencies in waste management facilities.

“We are excited to partner with AMP because their technology is changing the economics of the recycling industry,” said Shaun Maguire, partner at Sequoia, in a statement. “Over the last few years, the industry has had their margins squeezed by labor shortages and low commodity prices. The end result is an industry proactively searching for cost-saving alternatives and added opportunities to increase revenue by capturing more high-value recyclables, and AMP is emerging as the leading solution.”

This comes in a great time and a necessary time for action. This hope towards the betterment of the environment for everyone where robotics is taking the lead to change.