Amazon announced two robots, “Pegasus” and “Xanthus”, at the event “re: MARS” held in Las Vegas from June 4th to 7th.
At the same time, a new drone * for delivery was announced, but the robot used in the warehouse, which is also the life of Amazon, can be said to be the most important announcement.
* New drone

Robotization of warehouse

Amazon has been operating robots in warehouses for some time, and in the warehouse, robots carry pallets loaded with goods to collectors, and there are also robots that sort and carry goods.
In addition, robots that automate packing are also in operation, and robotization of simple tasks is progressing.

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“Pegasus” (left image) A
belt conveyor is installed on the upper part of the robot body, and it is used mainly by sorting facilities and is a special price for carrying luggage.

“Xanthus” (right image)
Xanthus is equipped with various modules such as conveyor belts and stacks of bottles to perform various tasks.

To automation

Amazon has introduced robots in some warehouses in Japan since 2016, but with the announcement of “Pegasus” and “Xanthus”, work in Amazon’s warehouse Automation is likely to accelerate further.