Robots are said to be mechanical devices that perform some work on behalf of humans, and are called machines that have shapes and functions that imitate or approximate humans and animals.
Robots are actively trying to imitate the characteristics of living things in the natural world and utilize them in a wide range.

And the system that analyzes the characteristics of living things in the natural world and tries to utilize them in some way is called “biomimetics”.

There are various theories, but the drones that have become popular in recent years also originate from insects and hummingbirds.
This time, I would like to introduce two robots developed from “biomimetics”.

rubstar CR200

A “crab” type robot developed by the Korea Institute of Marine Science and Technology.
It is a robot developed for underwater exploration where the flow of water is intense, and it is characterized by being able to walk like crawling the revision with six legs.

Things are pulled up from the seabed, and spacecraft and ultrasonic cameras are installed.
It was introduced in the exploration of the Sewol sinking accident in South Korea, and has a track record of projecting the appearance of the Sewol sunk in the sea.


A “hawk” type robot jointly developed by AERIUM Analytics and Cottonwood Euro Technology.
At the airport, it prevents bird strikes that suck birds into the engine and the invasion of wild birds that damage crops.

When this is released, the other wild birds will flee in fear and will not return to their original location for self-defense.

Clear Flight Solutions operates “Robird” and is active in some airports in the United States and Canada. It seems that you can hire a pilot and “Robird” for about 200,000 yen a day.
If the engine is damaged by a bird strike, it costs tens of millions of yen to repair it, but it may be cheap as a way to avoid it. * The number of bird strikes in Japan exceeds 1,500.

Understanding the characteristics of living things

In addition to biomimetics technology robots, it is also widely used in sensor-related fields.
There is some purpose and reason for living things to be in that form, and it may be a shortcut for technological development for us human beings to understand and apply the characteristics of living things.