Who would’ve thought that robots and animals have something in common? Scottish SPCA sure would!
In partnership with Austrian edtech Robo Wunderkind, this animal welfare organization aims to promote empathy and compassion towards animals through using robots. Scottish SPCA conducts these projects in schools to students.
The idea is to teach kids to keep the sensitivity and behaviors of animals top of mind when interacting with them in real life.

In the robotics side, Robo Wunderkind offers fundamentals of coding by encouraging children to build and program their own robots. Workshops are held in the schools where students build responsive robotic creatures and reflect on how they feel and react. Also, video footages of real animals are shown to draw comparisons between the sensor packages in the robots and the nature-made sensors and coded behaviors of real animals.

“The Robo Wunderkind team have always been very interested in expanding the ways of using our robots beyond traditional “teaching coding” field,” Anna Larotska, Robo Wunderkind CEO and co-founder says. “Forming part of the Prevention through Education program is exactly what we have been looking for.”