Social robotics is perhaps one of the most profitable subsidiary of the robotics industry as a whole.
A research group recently held a demo of the Supervised Progressively Autonomous Robot Competencies (SPARC) inside a classroom. The demo shows favorable result about the possibility of robots to one day truly aid inside classroom. A team at the University of Plymouth developed this humanoid robot and worked with a total of 75 children from two Plymouth primary schools to do the test run with.
The demo was in a form of an electronic game called ‘sandstary’.

Emmanuel Senft, project leader, said in an original post from Financial Times : “My dream is that everyone should be able to profit from robots, not only engineers, and I think allowing people to teach robots to interact is the way to go. I hope the method we have proposed could be applied to a large range of situations.”

This is a step towards a brighter future with utilizing social robotics.