July 16, 2019 Sekisui House Co., Ltd. announced that it will start an inspection system “Smart Inspection” that utilizes robots and drones.

What is “smart inspection”?

A system that uses a drone, an underfloor inspection robot, and a cabin back inspection robot to take high-definition images during regular inspections of a house, and a support desk specialist staff quickly determines defects via the cloud.

Sekisui House states that “the inspection system that combines multiple advanced devices and makes a remote diagnosis is the first in the housing industry.

“Smart inspection” is a regular inspection of detached houses carried out by Sekisui House every 10 years.

List of devices used

By using various robots, we will take pictures of parts that could not be taken with conventional equipment, and by making judgments by specialized staff, we will realize higher quality and more stable inspections than ever before.

By introducing this system, the inspection time, which used to take about 2 hours for two people and a total of 4 hours, can be shortened to about 1 hour and 45 minutes for one person. It is possible to serve more customers.

Sekisui House says, “We will continue to strive to further improve customer satisfaction by providing high-quality after-sales service to our customers.”