Unirobot Co., Ltd.’s next-generation social robot “Unibo”.
This time, as the second step, we will introduce a total of 5 videos of the actual movement in the coverage of the future media.


  1. ◆ Overview of Unibo
  2. ① Game
  3. ② Recipe search
  4. ③ Schedule registration / confirmation
  5. ④ Timer function, control of home appliances
  6. ⑤ Weather forecast, advice
  7. ▽ Unirobot Co., Ltd. Overview

◆ Overview of Unibo

“Unibo” is a next-generation social robot that grows by memorizing and learning people’s individuality (hobbies, tastes, lifestyles) through repeated conversations with partners.
Having an emotional expression, he can become a family secretary and live together as a member of the family.

<< Basic functions >>
・ Family deacon
・ Proposal of daily life
・ Communication (everyday conversation is learned daily with emotional expression)
・ Programming (free customization using the development kit “Skill Creator” and skill packs development is possible), home appliances control of video calls, with-remote watching, photography (optional) foreign languages, cooperation with external systems, sensors and the like (Bluetooth collaboration, Web API, etc.)

① Game

Unibo is practicing three types of games (quiz, shiritori, and memory game), and communicates with users while playing.
In Shiritori, “Unibo” is worried while thinking. From that figure, you can get a glimpse of the emotional communication that is characteristic of “Unibo”.
In the quiz game, “Unibo” not only answers the correct answer, but also provides supplementary explanations.
It seems that the application will be effective as one of the intellectual education and educational functions.
Games other than those introduced this time are also implemented, and it is said that various games will be added in the future.

② Recipe search

In the kitchen, “Unibo” will teach the owner the recipe using a video.
It responds to the voice “Tell me the recipe”. Then, it searches YouTube for a video that shows how to make the dish and plays it on the LCD screen that is the face of Unibo.

There is no problem with sound quality and volume, and it is possible to hear enough even while cooking.
In addition, by complimenting “Unibo” according to the situation, you can have a cute and attached appearance.
You’ll be amazed at the high level of functionality that Unibo has.

In cooking, by registering your favorite dishes in advance, there is also a function that suggests related dishes to the question “What should I do with today’s rice?” And suggestions for healthy meals.
In everyday life, “Unibo” naturally acts as a secretary.

③ Schedule registration / confirmation

Unibo will manage the schedule.
Not only does it register and confirm the schedule, but it is also surprising that “Unibo” can identify the registrant by face recognition and manage it individually. Since it is also linked with the smartphone app “unibo-with” dedicated to UNIBO, you can also register and check from your smartphone.

This “unibo-with” also has a video call function and a watching function.
You can make video calls with friends and family through Unibo, connect to Unibo while you are away from the app, and check the state of the house by operating the direction of the camera.

Please see the following URL for details.

Watching video

In addition, a proposal for the question “What should I do for the weekend?” And a function to display the route search result to the destination are also implemented.

④ Timer function, control of home appliances

⑤ Weather forecast, advice

These functions, such as the timer function and the weather forecast, play an aspect of being a “family butler” in the overview.
Not only does it convey the search results to the question “Tell me the weather forecast”, but it also understands the intent of the questioner and kindly responds with advice when going out and whether the temperature is comfortable.

◆ Communication robot that goes one step further

What I felt through the interview was that it firmly embodies the idea of ​​”first of all, becoming a partner robot that can be trusted by people” in Mr. Sakai’s words in the first interview.
“Communication robots” are characterized by their gestures, fine facial expressions, and abundance, which may seem like a robot. Unibo has all of its features.

Not to mention the high level of each function introduced, there are also learning functions that could not be introduced in the video this time. By customizing by programming, you can clearly imagine that it will play an active role as a beloved robot that matches each home and each user.
Unibo will soon become more familiar as a communication robot that goes one step further.

◆ Current case studies

Recently, Unibo has been introduced as a guide robot in multiple “strange hotels” such as Hamamatsucho, and is in charge of providing guidance to customers and suggesting restaurants in the vicinity.
In addition, it has already been introduced in other hospitals, long-term care facilities, and day services, which are used for receptions of major companies, as a demonstration experiment. He is active in multiple fields such as talking with Unibo during dementia prevention measures, rehabilitation, interaction, and recreation, and doing gymnastics together.
In the future, it will be gradually introduced to the utilization of roll call operations performed by restaurants and operation managers, including hotel guest rooms, and will be promoted for programming education and utilization as a robot teacher.

▽ Overview of Unirobot Co., Ltd.

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Sasazuka 3-2-15 Chapter Ⅱ Berupuraza 5F
President: Taku Sakai
Founded: August 2014
Development of a next-generation social robot, manufacture, sale
artificial intelligence, state-of-the-art technology Research and development