Kiramex Co., Ltd., which operates one of the largest online programming schools in Japan, “Tech Academy,” has signed a business alliance with Artec Co., Ltd., which operates the robot programming class “Artec Edison Academy.”

Under this agreement, the two companies will
jointly develop a “Python Robotics Course” with the aim of starting this fall .

“Python Robotics Course”

In the Python robotics course, you can learn the basics of Python and robot control with Python, from introductory to full-scale programming.
In the introductory course, you can learn the basics of Python, a programming language.
After that, through the step-up learning content, it will be possible to develop advanced robots and AI (artificial intelligence).

All the learning materials are distributed online, and it is also a feature that students can proceed with learning at their own pace.

Through this business alliance with Kiramex, Artec intends to provide more children with a place and content for practical programming learning from software to robots.

Below is a quote from the press release

Kiramex Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takahiro Higuchi), which operates one of the largest online programming schools in Japan, “Tech Academy”, where 25,000 people have learned, is now from kindergartens and nursery schools. In addition to manufacturing and selling teaching materials for elementary, junior high and high schools, universities and vocational schools, Artec Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yao City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative) operates the robot programming classroom “Artec Edison Academy”, which has a track record of developing more than 1000 classrooms nationwide. We have entered into a business alliance with President: Etsu Fujiwara).

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■ About business alliance

With the compulsory programming education in elementary schools from 2020 and the common compulsory subject “Information I” including programming in high schools from 2022, attention to programming education is increasing. Since 2018, Kiramex has been providing “Tech Academy Kids” for children to learn full-scale programming such as Web applications. Then, in order to further expand opportunities for children’s IT learning, we will start working on the robot field as a course where you can learn new technologies.

Through this business alliance, we plan to utilize the know-how of both companies to provide “Python Robotics Course” for junior and senior high school students to classrooms such as cram schools and culture schools that will be developed from the fall of 2019. By doing so, we would like to provide more children with a place and content for practical programming learning, from software to the robot domain.

Full-scale programming has high hurdles on the part of education providers, and the environment in which learning can be done is limited, but by combining easy-to-learn teaching materials with online support from active engineers, full-scale programming can be done anywhere. We will create an environment where you can study.

■ What is “Python Robotics Course”?

In the Python robotics course, you will learn the basics of Python and robot control with Python, from introductory to full-scale programming.

In the introductory course, you can learn the basics of Python, a programming language that is also used for the development of artificial intelligence. After that, you can learn in a step-up format, including the development of advanced robots and AI. All learning materials, such as videos and textbooks, are delivered online, allowing students to learn programming at their own pace.

■ What is “Artec Robo 2.0” ( )

The “Artec Robo” series is a kit that allows you to intuitively assemble an original robot of any shape with blocks that can be connected in all directions of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions.

Parts such as a one-board microcomputer, servo motor, and DC motor for controlling the assembled robot can be connected by simply inserting them into the blocks. Furthermore, in “ArtecRobo2.0”, various sensors such as a 5×5 full-color LED matrix, an optical sensor, a temperature sensor, and an acceleration sensor are placed on the board. In addition to programming with visual programming software based on the latest version “Scratch 3.0” of “Scratch” developed by MIT Media Lab, programming with the language “Python” widely used in the field of artificial intelligence can also be performed. ..

It also has wireless functions via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and supports wireless communication between robots and transfer of programs created on iPads, Android tablets, and Chromebooks. Furthermore, by connecting the robot to the Internet and linking it with Web services, you can learn deeply about cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and AI.

■ What is TechAcademy ( )

An online school where you can learn programming and application development. We hold an online boot camp that trains professionals from inexperienced in a short period of time, and offers a total of 29 courses including web application courses and iPhone application courses. With generous mentor support and a unique learning system that allows for short-term learning, 25,000 people have already taken online programming courses at TechAcademy.

■ What is TechAcademy Kids ( )

A programming education service for children for cram schools and educators. The uniquely developed learning system is characterized by allowing students to proceed with learning on a single screen without hesitation. In addition, the mentor (lecturer) of the headquarters also provides online support for instructors and students in the field to provide programming instruction and learning support, providing not only a learning system but also a comprehensive learning environment. We are doing it. Since 2020, programming education will be compulsory in elementary schools, and it is being introduced in all prefectures of Japan.

[About Artec Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Artec Co., Ltd.
Representative: Etsu Fujiwara
Location: 3-2-21 Kitakamei-cho, Yao-shi, Osaka
Business description: Manufacture of kindergartens, school teaching materials, robot programming teaching materials, painting materials, stationery, premium gift products Sales business, FC business of various children’s classrooms
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[About Tech Academy]
Company name: Tech Academy Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takahiro Higuchi, President and CEO
Location: 1-17-4 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo PMO Shibuya 8F
Established: February 2, 2009
Business description: Programming education business
URL: https: / /
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