Benefit Japan Co., Ltd., which handles the MVNO (Virtual Mobile Network Operator) business, announced that it will start selling the communication robot “ONLY ROBO Robophone Premium” at “Robotics Studio” on the 9th floor of Shinjuku Takashimaya.

The company intends to collaborate with Takashimaya to provide a space where customers can experience various communication robots and IoT products, and “to provide products and services that make customers’ lifestyles more enjoyable and convenient . ” We will continue to push forward . ”

■ What is ONLY ROBO Robophone Premium?

AI-equipped mobile robot

“ONLY ROBO Robophone Premium” is the “RoBoHoN” announced by Sharp Corporation on February 18, 2019, equipped with multiple functions unique to Benefit Japan Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Sharp Corporation, and linked with tablets. It is the company’s original model.
A “desktop holder with charging function”, which is usually an optional (paid) function, is included free of charge, as well as a dedicated tablet and original “brown color” specifications.

Below is a quote from the press release

Benefit Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters location: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Hiroshi Sakuma, Securities code: 3934, hereinafter “the Company”) is located in Shinjuku Takashimaya (Location: 5-24-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). We will start selling “ONLY ROBO Robophone Premium” developed by our company at “Robotics Studio” on the 9th floor.

We will work with Takashimaya to come into contact with various communication robots and IoT products and provide a space where customers can experience.


1 ● Our vision
2 ■ Example of displayed products
3 ▼ Communication robot
4 ▼ IoT products

● Our vision
The evolution of technology that makes our lives convenient and enriching is rapidly evolving. However, only people who are familiar with IT equipment can benefit from these technologies. With the vision of “benefiting technology for all people,” we will serve as a bridge with a wide range of customers, including beginners and seniors, as an opportunity to start a new life with robots and IoT, and the rich life brought about by technology. We will provide a space where you can experience.

■ Example of display products
 ▼ Programming From 2020, learning programming will be compulsory in elementary schools, and there is a high interest in “programming” among families with elementary school children and preschoolers, and an IT society that is diversified and highly computerized for children. We have a lineup of products targeting the child-rearing generation (20s to 40s) who want to acquire programming thinking to survive, and propose experiences that help children grow.

AI-equipped English learning robot

AI-compatible STEM education robot

Learning programming with the app

▼ Communication robot
As the aging society progresses, the demand for robots and IoT is increasing, and further expansion is expected as a tool to change the lifestyles of various generations. We propose a new way of life with robots for seniors who want robots and IoT products as a tool for communicating with their grandchildren, and for people who want to share the enjoyment of robots and IoT products with other users.

AI-equipped mobile robot

Communication robot PALRO Gift model

▼ IoT products
Robots for people who want to link various home appliances with robots and IoT products, promote family health management (health care), and utilize robots and IoT products in their daily lives as smart homes progress. We propose to create an opportunity to start a new life that coexists with.

Smart lock that allows you to operate keys with your smartphone

Through ONLY SERVICE and ONLY ROBO, we will continue to create opportunities for various customer experiences and strive to provide products and services that make our customers’ lifestyles more enjoyable and convenient. I will continue.