The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced the “Spacebok” planetary exploration robot, which was developed by a team of students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and the ETH Zurich and tested at the European Space Agency (ESA). It is being carried out.

Image quote: ( ESA )

SpaceBok’s planetary exploration robot is a robot that jumps and moves using four legs, unlike a robot that simply walks.
It is said that flying around is more efficient on planets in the low gravity environment of the universe.


The legs of paceBok have a built-in spring, which releases the energy of the spring when jumping and stores the energy in the spring when landing, which can greatly reduce the energy required to achieve the jump. There is.
When I jumped, I had to safely land on the ground again as the next problem, but I solved it by using an attitude control device called a reaction wheel.

SpaceBok plans to carry out tests in various environments in the future, and I will wait for the appearance of flying robots that may one day be active in space.