Two teachers from Bundaberg will be having a chance to present their works at iEducate in Brisbane.

Samantha Ephraims from Kalkie State School and Melinda Clancy from Bundaberg East State School are two teachers championing the use of robotics inside the premises of learning.

They have been working together to share their knowledge and learning practices with teachers of Wide Bay and now have a chance to inform it all throughout Queensland.

“iEducate is a state conference that invites educators to get together and talk about digital technologies and ways to implement it in school,” Samantha said.
“It is a bit of a one-stop-shop for teachers to find out more about digital technology.”

Coding skills would not only help inside the classroom but it will also provide the platform for an abundance of job opportunities.

This is amazing news as the reality of beneficial robotics enters the most important field of society, which is education.