What is “Little Witch Nobeta”?
The 3D action-adventure game “Little Witch Nobeta” released on Steam from Pupuya Games and Simon Creative on June 24, 2020 is now a hot topic.
Pupuya Games and Simon Creative are Hong Kong-based makers, with Pupuya Games in charge of game design and Simon Creative in charge of characters, music and trailer videos. It has been translated, so even those who can not read Chinese can play without problems. There is also an official Twitter account in Japanese.
The DEMO version is free and the regular version is available for download for JPY 990 in Japanese yen.

Difficult action similar to “Dark Soul”
“Little Witch Nobeta” is an action game with a high degree of difficulty influenced by the popular game “Dark Soul” . There are a lot of first-time killers, such as vulnerable fish enemies who want to suddenly attack, traps that are mistaken for small mistakes, and bosses that need to perform last-minute actions such as evasive action, so many times I am not accustomed to it It’s so difficult that you’ll get hit many times. This is a so-called “death game”, and it is required to play it many times to learn about enemy attacks.

On the other hand, a cute moe character
However, while the degree of difficulty is high, the appearance of female characters such as the protagonists Nobeta, Tania, and Monica, who were greatly influenced by Japanese Moe culture, is very cute, which is why they are called “Lori Dark Souls”.
In particular, the protagonist, Noveta, is made with a focus on even the finest behavior, and when the lever is lowered or when it falls, it is reputed to be very cute.
Also, the story is simple, with Noveta infiltrating the castle to find out her roots. There is no darkness like “Dark Soul”. However, on the contrary, it can be said that it opens up the frontage.

The balance of this “difficult but cute” is very good, and currently, we sell nearly 200,000 pieces. The majority of sales are in Japan.
Also, it doesn’t seem to be a “full version” yet and will be patched at a later date.

Now that indie games are drawing attention
Until now, games have not been visible to many people without a large amount of money due to problems such as distribution networks, but nowadays, a platform like Steam is born, and anyone can easily and small-scale. You can now play a game. Among them are high-quality games such as “UNDERTALE” and “Little Witch Noveta” introduced this time.
The game industry will continue to develop in the future.