2017 New Zealand-born musician Nigel Stanford released a music video for the electronic track “AUTOMATICA”, where industrial robots play musical instruments and became popular. collected.

Two years after its release, it has been viewed more than 10 million times.

From playing to destruction.

Seeing is believing, so please actually see it.

It seems that you are playing an instrument with accurate and smooth movement like an industrial robot, but in the second half you start to smash the table with a guitar and destroy speakers and pillars with a laser emitted from the tip of the arm. , It is a radical production that shows the implication that the robot goes out of control.

I think it was made like a robot playing, but it seems that some instruments are actually hitting.
Let’s take a look at the making video immediately.

Click here for making video

Some people may notice these images, but it seems that they are playing in combination with fast forward, creating effective images with special effects.

KUKA robotics

The robot arm belongs to “KUKA” , which develops industrial robots headquartered in Germany . If you are interested, please watch the video below.

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