Robot vacuum cleaners began to spread around 2002 with iRobot’s “Roomba”, and now robot vacuum cleaners with various concepts have been developed by each company both in Japan and overseas.
However, all brands of products were very expensive and hesitated to introduce them, but iRobot, a long-established robot vacuum cleaner, subscribed to the robot vacuum cleaner “Roomba” “Robot Smart Plan” Robot Smart Plan) was announced.

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From June 8th, we will start accepting applications on the dedicated page ( ).
June 8th is “Rumba” day.

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Introducing an expensive robot vacuum cleaner was a high hurdle compared to general cleaning, but it is a big attraction to be able to easily try the product with this announcement. IRobot will also aim to promote the appeal of robot vacuum cleaners with the intention of making it easy to use.

Object model

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・ High-end model “Roomba i7 +” (3,800 yen per month)

“Roomba i7 +” is the latest model that appeared in March 2019.
Imprint ™ Smart Mapping and Clean Base ™ (automatic garbage collector) have been introduced to further improve performance. As Roomba learns and remembers the floor plan of the house, it can freely choose the place to clean.
In addition, it can be operated with a smartphone app, and it also supports operations with voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

・ High-end model “Roomba 980” (¥ 2,800 / month)

Equipped with iRobot’s original navigation system “iAdapt® 2.0 Visual Localization”
Accurately grasps the floor plan of the entire floor and determines the location information of Roomba.
Even in an environment with complicated shapes and many obstacles, you can clean multiple rooms evenly with the push of a button.
Similar to “Roomba i7 +”, it also supports operations by voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

・ Standard model “Roomba 641” (1,200 yen per month)

Traditional standard model. Roomba’s unique three-stage cleaning system thoroughly scrapes and cleans dust, dust, and large debris.
The navigation system is equipped with a high-speed response process “iAdapt”, and dozens of sensors accurately grasp the situation of the room, and brushing is repeated and intensively cleaned until it is judged that the dusty place is clean. To do. It comes with a virtual wall that you can install in places you don’t want Roomba to enter. (It does not support Wi-Fi or voice assistant.)

In both cases, the contract period is 36 months, and when the contract expires, the ownership is transferred to the user, and the image is to purchase Roomba with a 3-year loan.
* Cancellation / return is not possible within 1 year.

About iRobot
IRobot is a world-famous domestic robot manufacturer. We design and manufacture robots that can be used both inside and outside the home and support people’s lives. It is no exaggeration to say that the “robot vacuum cleaner market” was born after the launch of the robot vacuum cleaner Roomba in 2002.

I would like to look forward to the future of iRobot, which has been aiming to expand the spread of “one in a family” robot vacuum cleaner by developing a wide lineup.

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