Yukai Engineering Co., Ltd., which plans, develops, and sells communication robots, uses “BOCCO emo,” the next-generation version of the home-use communication robot “BOCCO,” which is on sale, to work with companies. Announced that it will start the “BOCCO Partner Program” to collaborate and expand the usage scene of robots.

Yukai Engineering Co., Ltd. “In the Yukai Engineering” BOCCO Partner Program “, by combining various businesses of partner companies and” BOCCO emo “, which is a collection of knowledge so far, a plus alpha that utilizes robots that has never existed We are able to create value and propose and provide new services to consumers. ”

“BOCCO emo” is a robot that expressively snuggles up to people with a rounded form that everyone “wants to touch” is familiar with.
“BOCCO emo” introduction site: http://www.bocco.me/emo/

Yukai Engineering Co., Ltd. (Representative: Shunsuke Aoki, Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “Yukai Engineering”), which plans, develops, and sells communication robots, etc., with “Robotics to make the world Yukai.” Launched “BOCCO Partner Program” to expand the usage scene of robots in collaboration with companies by utilizing “BOCCO emo” which is the next generation version of “BOCCO”, a communication robot for home use. I will do it.

Background of the start of “BOCCO Partner Program”

Recently, IoT (Internet of Things) and robots are increasingly being seen not only for industrial use but also for consumer use and products. With the market for service robots expected to expand to 2 trillion yen in 2022, I feel that the era of widespread use as something that is easy for ordinary consumers to use, valuable and convenient is yet to come.

The communication robot “BOCCO”, which went on sale in July 2015, is now being used in various home and business scenes, about four years after its release. In addition, we have cultivated design and technical capabilities by continuing to work on IoT and robots for more than 10 years since our founding.

In the “BOCCO Partner Program”, by combining various businesses of partner companies and “BOCCO emo”, which is a collection of knowledge so far, we create a plus alpha value utilizing robots that has never existed before, and consumers We believe that we can propose and provide new services for.

We will realize the development of robot services that will be used by partner companies and more consumers, and aim to further develop the robot business and services.

First BOCCO Partner Program Participating Companies

・ Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. The
Tokyo Gas Group aims to contribute to the creation of affluent lives for customers by providing services tailored to each customer’s life stage.

Starting with “Leave it to me! BOCCO”, a child-rearing support service that utilizes BOCCO, we plan to deliver various services through BOCCO (official site: https://tokyogas.bocco.me).

-Yazaki Energy System Co., Ltd.
Yazaki Energy System develops, manufactures, and sells living environment equipment for the Yazaki Group under an integrated system, and provides products and services that meet the needs of our customers. Utilizing BOCCO, we provide services that enhance the safety and security of truck and taxi drivers.

・ GK Necorico
“It’s about my house. Let’s do it rather than worry.”
GK Necorico aims to eliminate “worries” in our lives through our home IoT service “Necorico Home Plus”. .. We are confident that by adding “BOCCO emo” to this service, we will be able to create a service that feels warmer than ever before.

Each company will announce when the service will start.

Innovation aimed at by Yukai Engineering

Through ToB crowdfunding, to the era also robots and technology to share

Since there are few successful cases in the market for services and businesses that utilize robots and IoT, many companies find it difficult to determine the optimal method for realizing their needs, and the budget and schedule for that purpose. Therefore, we have prepared a common platform that makes use of the knowledge of robotics and IoT that we have accumulated so far, and have developed a scheme of “crowdfunding for business companies” that additionally develops individual functions according to the use cases of each company. I decided to make a suggestion. From now on, we believe that the time will come when robots and IoT technologies will share common functions and each company will pursue differentiating factors as services and provided value.

What is “BOCCO emo”?

With a rounded shape that makes you want to touch it, it has evolved into a robot that expressively snuggles up to people with its simple yet cute nodding gestures and changes in the color of its cheeks.

“BOCCO emo” introduction site: http://www.bocco.me/emo/

“BOCCOemo” is equipped with the latest “high-performance voice recognition technology” and “high-precision voice recognition technology” while maintaining the functions of “BOCCO”, aiming to be an “ultimately emotional” robot. We will proceed with development. In addition, we are planning to prepare a SIM compatible model so that it can be used in a wider range of environments.

Corporate information

Yukai Engineering Inc. Representative Director: Shunsuke Aoki
Headquarters: 101 Musashiya Sky Building, 16-11 Tomihisa-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-6380-4710
URL: www.ux-xu.com

Yukai Engineering is a robotics venture that develops and sells various products under the banner of “Making the world Yukai with robotics.” Main products include “BOCCO”, a communication robot that connects families, “necomimi” that moves with brain waves, “konashi3.0”, a physical computing tool kit, “Qoobo”, a cushion-type therapy robot with a tail, and a voice communication development kit. For example, “codama”.

Although it is a small team of about 20 people, it also does product design, circuit / mechanical design, and software development in-house. Received the Good Design Award three times in the past. q