Toyota would be contributing a large role in the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games by bringing its five new robots to help with on-site mobility and transportation.
The robots would be of primary help in attending to the audience and athlete’s needs such as serving food and equipment.
Two of these robots are Tokyo’s official Olympic mascots, Miraitowa and Someity. The blue and pink androids are equipped with emotion-reaction sensor to react to people’s greetings, they can also move their hands and legs. The primary vision for these two robots is to serve as photo-ops and greeters for the audiences. There is also a plan to deploy them across Japan for other kids to have a chance to watch the event from afar.

A less cute but more articulated android is T-HR3 who also has the mobility of its mascot-bots counterparts plus the ability to hi-five athletes. T-HR3 is equipped to perform telepresence actions in the service for audiences afar from the event. It has the capability to stream images and sounds from remote locations back to the Olympic site and provide a remote experience for what it’s like to be in the games.
The next one comes in pair like Miraitowa and Someity, the Human Support Robot (HSR) and (Delivery Support Robot (DSR). HSR robot focus on ushering responsibilities, helping guests find seats and transporting snacks and souvenirs. DSR on the other hand, is an all new bot for the Olympics dedicated to drinks and concessions delivery a replacement for hawkers walking around the event premises.

Lastly is the Field Support Robot (FSR). This box-on-wheels robot is designed to retrieve things from hurling-games at the event. These bots can record and return the throw of the players. If anything, this may be a testament on one day having a sport between humans and robots!