Something is making it’s way to revolutionize how things work in the robotics industry, and it’s coming in small pieces.

Scientists have built a robotic system that allows several robots to attach and form a larger robot. This new invented process is from the team of William Savoie from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

This will take the process of robotic locomotion and creation to faster and more efficient rate. Speaking to Interesting Engineering, Mr. Savoie said,

“What we did here was introduce a new method of understanding, classifying, and predicting locomotion from many interactive components, where the classical means would have been far more computationally intensive,”

This robot pieces are called supermarticles, microrobots that, as a collective, can move using combined movements of the separate robots.

This is a great hint for the future of one day having the capability to command a robot swarm that will help in medical and military needs.