As the world enters further and further into the age of globalization, distances have become shorter and the world has become smaller. There is simply no more reason for language barriers. Now that travelling has become a general goal of consumers, misunderstanding is a big no no in today.

Although that is not the case because language variety is not going away, nor should it too, steps have been made to ease the linguistics barrier of people.
Mostly in the area of technology, solutions to counter linguistic barriers have been prolific.

A new addition to these solutions is a new invention from Japan, the Muama Enence. This instant translator device allows consumers to instantly translate languages with the tap of their fingers.

Developed by a strong team of engineers and teachers, it was designed to perfection with common language learning problems in mind.

The device is very easy to use with the consumer lifting the device to the speaker and pressing the center button as he speaks and releasing it afterwards to hear the instant translation.

The device is currently equipped with 40 language repertoire from English, French, Tagalog, and Nihongo. All languages are interchangeable with a press of a button. The device also supports a battery that lasts reportedly up to 4 days.

In the future, there is also the possibility for MUAMA Enence to support learning in the foreign language at either home or a classroom.