V Group Co., Ltd. has signed a business agreement with the Waltonchain Foundation (WTC), which conducts research and development of Waltonchain tokens.

With the conclusion of this business agreement, a signing ceremony was held at the V Group Headquarters on April 15, 2019 (Monday).

◆ About Walton Blockchain Research and Education Institute

We are engaged in education-related projects for the development and active utilization of blockchain technology in the fields of industry and real life, research and development necessary for diffusion, and training of blockchain engineers.

◆ Interview

WTC responded to an interview with Future Media.

――Please tell us how blockchain is used in real life.
“We believe that it will be used in all industries from 2019, including large companies.
Until last year, we have about 60 blockchain engineers who can be applied not only in specific fields but also in various fields. We have educated. We plan to train 72 engineers this year. ”

――What kind of position do you think blockchain technology is in Japan?
“Blockchain technology and software development technology are very intimate. Japan has a high level of technology and is good at software development, so I think that the application and development of blockchain technology will develop in the same way. thinking about.”

“Because of the stereotype that blockchain = cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies do not have a good image in South Korea, but I think it is our role to dispel it.”

◆ Shortage of blockchain engineers

Blockchain technology has begun to be applied to other than virtual currencies all over the world.
Applying blockchain technology, it has begun to be used in financial transactions, real estate / asset management, point services and public services.
Currently, the application of blockchain technology has begun in Japan, but there is a shortage of engineers.
With this business agreement, there is no doubt that graduates of the Walton Blockchain Research and Education Institute will be involved in the development of the blockchain industry in Japan.

[Waltonchain Foundation Company Profile]
Company Name: Waltonchain Foundation (Walton Chain Foundation)
CEO: Gong Jong Ryul
Established: 2016 November
Location:.. 5F, Leader’s Building , 63 Seochojungang-RO, Seocho-GU, Seoul, KOREA
Business : Walton Chain R & D, Application Implementation in Walton Chain Project, Foundation Operating
URL: https://waltonchain.org/
[Overview of
Walton Blockchain Research and Education Institute] Company name: WalTon Blockchain Institute
Representative: Song Liang
Established: May 2018
Location: 63, Seochojungang-ro Seocho-gu Seoul
Business description : Blockchain Technology Research and Development
URL: http://www.wtbi.or.kr/main/index.asp

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