More efficient sports in the future
It is very important to have a “number” for something you do.
If you study, “Let’s aim for more than 0 points in the test”, if you run the company “Let’s aim for monthly sales of 0 million yen”, If you are on a diet “Let’s lose 0 kg weight” In addition, if there is a “goal”, human motivation will increase.
If there is an index, it will be easier to understand and move into action, saying, “Is this all right now, then let’s do this much more today?”
This time , I would like to introduce an epoch-making item with a sensor attached to sportswear, which is ideal for the “diet” I wrote above .

Wearable sports tank
“Wearable” means “the computer you wear” . Instead of a small, portable item like a smartphone, attach a gadget that has computer functionality to a “wearable item” such as a watch, glasses, or belt. If it is famous, it corresponds to Apple Watch.

The “wearable sports tank” introduced this time is a state-of-the-art wearable that allows you to quantify your heart rate, respiratory rate, and calories burned just by wearing it.
I think that many people often use time and number of times as a standard, for example, “How many hours should I exercise today?” “How many times should I do dumbbells today”. That is not a problem as one of the “indicators”, but if you do it, everyone should want to be more efficient.
“Wearable sports tank” produces “calorie consumption”, so if you target this, you can exercise more efficiently.

When wearing a normal heart rate sensor etc., it is necessary to attach a dedicated gel etc., but since “wearable sports tank” measures the heart rate using conductive tape sewn into the fabric, gel is required There is none. You can use it just by attaching it to a sports tank and linking it with a special application.
If you take the sensor, you can wash it like ordinary clothes.
By linking with the app, you can check your current heart rate and calories burned in real-time.
Of course, not only sports such as jogging but those who have less time use it in their daily lives such as “how much calories are consumed to make dinner” and “how many calories are consumed for cleaning and washing”. You can also make your life worthwhile.

Such a great wearable
Wearable sports tanks are sold through crowdfunding, achieving the feat of selling 1,000 outfits within three hours.
In addition to mail order, a dedicated shop in Omotesando is open, and many martial artists love it.
We have several bases in China and Taiwan to increase production every day.
It is becoming commonplace for couples to work together, and I think that more efficient exercise will be required in the future.
In the future, things that incorporate computers in such clothes will be released one after another. Please try this product, which will be the dawn of it!
Wearable sports tank information details
Brand name: Wearable
Product name: ≪With sensor≫ Sports tank Ladies sports bra
Color: Black Gray
Size: S:63-68 M:68-73 L:73-78
*Underbust standard (cm)