Wearable Co., Ltd. is working on “wearable”, a brand that develops fashion that incorporates wearable devices.
A wearable device is simply a “wearable device equipped with a computer “. .” Wearable devices are a general term for smart watches and smart glasses.

The latest sports bra

This time, Wearable has developed the first ” sports bra equipped with a sensor ” and
has started making reservations on Rakuten site and its own site from December 25th.
The sports bra with sensor is the first product developed by Wearable, and it is equipped with a sensor that can measure heartbeat, respiration, and calories burned. By linking with the application, you can check the information sent from the built-in sensor in the app. , It is possible to monitor heartbeat, respiration and calories burned in real time.

Sports bra

The target this time is ladies . It is currently developing sportswear equipped with wearable devices for men, and plans to start pre-order sales in the near future.


Wearable devices are generally sold as a single device, but wearables make it easier and cooler to wear wearable devices through the fashion brand ” wearable “, and not only manage their own body through dedicated applications. , Mr. Yamashita, director of Wearables, wants to expand the community with other people.

Wearable Director: Mr. Yamashita

The future of wearable devices

Demand for wearable devices such as smart watches and IoT products is increasing year by year.
In recent years, it has become increasingly commonplace to equip what you wear with a computer. This product, which is combined with fashion, will also attract attention so that users can have a more convenient and enjoyable time.
I am looking forward to the development of the fashion brand ” wearable ” in the future .

Company Name: Wearable Co., Ltd.
Representative: Manabu Okubo
Established: June 2016
Headquarters: 3-13-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo BPR Residence Shibuya 1208
Business: Development of wearable device embedded wear , Sale / Sale of wearable devices
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