“IT” has become an indispensable and familiar word in our daily lives.
IoT is also “IT” in terms of genre, and the amount of information is enormous.
Information gathering is indispensable to keep up with the times.

Future media is a company that conveys information about security and smart homes, including IoT information, to the entire industry .
With the theme of “future”, we provide the latest information from the latest IT-related technologies.
A new information site with an eye on the future, that is the future media .

Future Media introduces the latest information to technical information about the IT genre that represents technology by the latest method. From the present, which is the future of the past, we are sending information with an eye on Mirai.
We will do our utmost to support the development of technologies that will lead to the future, and we are engaged in activities such as interviewing development sites and creating and disseminating articles based on visual information.

In the future media , you can find the information you need, including IoT, and the information that shows the future . If you are interested in IT, please take a look.

[Company Profile]
Company Name: Mirai Media Co., Ltd.
President: Ken Hikasa
Location: 3-13-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo BPR Residence Shibuya 1208
Phone: 0800-0803720
WEB site: https://mirai-media. net /