Blockchain technology, which is a database based on Bitcoin’s core technology, is currently being applied to various fields. The number of schools learning the blockchain technology is increasing worldwide.

FLOC Blockchain University operated by FLOC Co., Ltd. is one of them.

FLOC Blockchain University is a comprehensive blockchain school where you can acquire ready-to-use skills. As it is said to be general, it is not just a programming school, but it is a comprehensive blockchain school with training of blockchain engineers, job change support, and business courses for non-engineers.

The principal of Blockchain College is Jonathan Underwood, a Bitcoin researcher from the United States who is also an active engineer and editor of the book “The Impact of Blockchain.” If a study session is held with Monex, Inc. and SBI Virtual Currencies, or if NEM coins worth 58 billion yen are stolen from a major exchange coin check that occurred in January of this year, the government will make recommendations. There is no one who does not know in the virtual currency / blockchain industry in Japan, such as being asked.

In addition, the school advisors include Professor Heizo Takenaka, Professor Emeritus of Keio University and Doctor of Economics, Faculty of International Studies, Toyo University.

What is a free trial course?

The free trial course of Blockchain University that we interviewed this time is mainly lectures on the following items.

How blockchain works

  • Understanding how blockchain works
  • Relationship between blockchain and Bitcoin
  • Cryptographic technology mechanism that supports blockchain
  • The future that changes with blockchain

  • 4 reasons why blockchain is called a “revolution”
  • Movements around the world to utilize blockchain
  • Corporate blockchain introduction example
  • How to efficiently acquire blockchain technology

  • The fastest way to become a blockchain engineer
  • Business utilization for non-engineers
  • How to grab a blockchain wave
  • Impressions that I actually took

    The future media participated this time at Shinjuku Main School. Lectures are 100 minutes long and are held about three times a week, including holidays. The time zone can be selected depending on the date of the event, so you can take classes according to your lifestyle.

    There were about 60 seats in the classroom I attended, and it was a great success even though it was a weekday. There were many young people in their 20s and female participants, mainly in their 30s, and we were able to see the high degree of attention.
    The instructor is wearing a microphone, so there is no worry that he cannot hear his voice even behind the classroom, and since the lecture uses a large monitor and whiteboard in front of the classroom, there is no inconvenience such as difficulty in hearing. The content is based on the side of the course.
    Furthermore, since there are multiple staff members in the classroom, it was an environment where you could consult without interrupting the lecture if you had any problems.

    The actual content of the lecture is “What is a blockchain?”, Which is explained by using parables so that anyone can easily imagine it. It was a masterpiece at a level that did not reach the article. He will explain a little difficult technology and concept in an easy-to-understand manner with companies and examples that everyone knows, such as Yahoo Auction and Mercari.

    The reporter who participated this time also took the course with the pride that he has basic knowledge, but the history from the first industrial revolution to the present, the movement of the government and each country with respect to blockchain technology, the movement in related industries, current affairs information I was surprised at the lecture that was updated based on.
    Rather than repeating the same lesson every time, the latest information that matches trends in the industry is incorporated into the lecture content.

    What kind of person is recommended

    You can get the latest information such as various concrete examples and introduction examples of blockchain technology, business cases related to blockchain.
    Not only those who do not know the word “blockchain” at all, but also those who have a certain knowledge, those who want to work by making the best use of blockchain technology in the future, if you are interested in blockchain even a little, first of all We recommend that you take part in a free trial course.

    FLOC Blockchain University