XSHELL Co., Ltd. develops and provides software development and platform service “isaax” with various functions required for IoT (Internet of Things).
The company started offering “isaax IoT engineer training kit ( https://xshell.io/isaax-iot-engineer-kit/ )” from August 1, 2018 .

This time, I was able to interview XSHELL Co., Ltd. about the “isaax IoT engineer training kit”.

IoT (Internet of Things): A mechanism in which various things that were not previously connected to the Internet are connected to servers and services via a network and exchange information with each other.


  1. What is the IoT engineer training kit?
  2. Interview
  3. IoT issues
  4. About XSHELL Co., Ltd.

What is IoT engineer training kit?

Learning using the IoT kit that arrives every month This is a learning kit that allows you to master the basics and applications of IoT in 6 months using online learning content.
The IoT engineer training kit utilizes the know-how of the study group that XSHELL Co., Ltd. has trained more than 400 users.
Users can easily learn the skills required for IoT, from sensing with Raspberry Pi to data analysis, using the learning kit that arrives every month.
A lot of sample code prepared in advance is effective for improving the skills of engineers, and it is possible to obtain practical know-how of IoT for 50,000 yen (total 300,000 yen) every month.

Until the IoT engineer training kit arrives!

Name: Katsumi Takahashi, Affiliation: Twilio Evangelist (left) Name: Nanamin, Affiliation: IoT House Manager Living with Cats (Right)


・ What kind of person is the IoT engineer training kit intended for?
“Even if it is called IoT, the word itself is not well known, and even those who are working in IT actually understand the contents and mechanism. Currently, there are few people. In a
common case, while starting a new IoT division and planning and proceeding with a project, both the orderer and the contractor have little understanding of IoT, so end users There are some cases where things that are different from the customer’s purpose are created. In
order to reduce such things as much as possible, I think that it is necessary for both the orderer and the contractor to improve the understanding of IoT. The “IoT Engineer Training Kit” helps with this. We
anticipate that the number of proper customers who want to start IoT projects and solve problems, and IoT projects will increase, but within our company. I would like these two people, who do not yet understand IoT, to use it. ”

・ What IoT engineers need is
“knowledge in a wide range of fields such as things, programs, networks, clouds, AI, etc. Such a wide range of knowledge is required, but when actual demonstration experiments are conducted, power supply and networks are required. There are various restrictions such as the problem of. If you try to solve all such problems from the beginning, it will cost millions to tens of millions of yen immediately. I really wanted to confirm. The most important thing is the ability to identify hypotheses, narrow down the requirements, start small, improve gradually, and quickly and easily realize what you want to do. In fact, the isaax IoT engineer training kit has such a structure. ”

· Isaax is the feature not found in other
a lot of IT training in the “world but set type training is common, it is necessary to carry the foot until the training ground there is a difficult background that participated in more distant.
So , We make the program available online and create a path to learning that anyone can start from anywhere.
Also, collective training inevitably causes variations in the progress of learning. However, online training can be done at your own pace.

・ What the company wants to say,
“We send the hardware necessary for learning as a package every month, and we use a license called Apache License 2.0 for the software license.
The program used in this kit is at a retail store. It can be used for business as it is, such as counting the number of visitors using the IoT camera and attaching an open / close detection sensor to the door to watch over the elderly. ”

  • is that the Corporation XSHELL is aimed at
    those that are aimed at the services that are provided by “we, is that to make it easier to change the behavior of the software that are contained within the things.
    And, It is to provide tools that can easily realize agile development of IoT that can quickly repeat updates from time to time to improve services. By doing
    so, various things will be connected to the Internet and the user experience including life will be improved. These are the “value we provide” and the “world we are aiming for.”
    Our service called “isaax” also makes it possible to agilely update the software in various terminals.

Currently, the Japanese IoT market is a little behind overseas, and the majority of the market is people who are just starting to work on IoT.
Therefore, we have proposed to provide a kit to give you the know-how to utilize IoT in existing businesses more than ever. ”

Agile development (agile software development): One of the definitions of how to proceed with a software development project, a method of improving services by repeating many development cycles in a short period of time.

IoT issues

IoT talks about a bright future, but securing employees for data analysis and engineering has become a serious problem for companies. In addition, the higher the functionality, the more complicated the settings by humans, so human troubles often occur.
It may not be long before a society of advanced artificial intelligence that can be left to the setting of machines will arrive, but it can be said that it will take more time.
The “IoT Engineer Training Kit” may increase the number of engineers and businessmen who can plan and develop IoT, and may contribute to Japanese industry.
Indeed, the “IoT Engineer Training Kit” can be expected to be a catalyst for the late development of the Japanese IoT industry.

About XSHELL Co., Ltd.

Representative: CEO Nanami Setoyama
Headquarters: 1-26-2-308 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Established: August 12, 2014
URL: https://xshell.io/
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