It has been more than 30 years since the launch of the Family Computer. The game industry is undergoing remarkable evolution with the advent of handheld game consoles, 3D graphics, and online functions and VR.
Among them, the game that utilizes DApps, “blockchain game”, is currently receiving the most attention.

DApps is an abbreviation for Decentralized Applications. A decentralized, decentralized application.
It uses blockchain, which is the core technology of virtual currency, and is characterized by being able to operate and manage without a central administrator. Since the blockchain is used, in-app data is safely distributed and stored.
This time, the BETA version was newly released, to Mr. Kota Ozawa, CEO of Krypto Games Co., Ltd., which is developing “CryptoSpells”, a digital TCG (trading card game) that is attracting attention among domestic blockchain games. I was able to hear the story.

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Interview with Kota Ozawa, Crypto Games Co., Ltd.

About the history of the establishment of Crypto Games and Crypto Spells

–Please tell us briefly about the features of CryptoSpells.

Crypto Spells is a digital trading card game that utilizes blockchain technology. Since the card tokens are on the blockchain, users can freely exchange and buy and sell like the old analog trading card games.

Mr. Kota Ozawa, CEO of Crypto Games Co., Ltd.

–CryptoSpells, what made you decide to make a blockchain game?

“When I was a junior and senior high school student, I lived a dark and withdrawal life, and since I was in the homecoming club, I ran after school and went home and played online games such as MMORPG until morning (laughs). My friends often don’t like it, and from that time I thought it would be great if gamers could
improve their social status. ” “ In 2018, I bought and sold a virtual cat called CryptoKitties . With the release of overseas games, you can now “make money with games” that you couldn’t do before. When I saw this game, I felt that blockchain games were a revolution in the context of the game, and I myself I decided to start a business by trying to make it. ”

――What kind of game is CryptoSpells?

“The game system itself is an ordinary one such as a digital trading card game, but by introducing a blockchain, you can freely buy and sell the card itself. By buying and selling cards and trading, the game quality will be improved. We believe that it will be different from the existing one and will lead to a new user experience.

――What kind of user group do you want CryptoSpells to play with?

“CryptoSpells can’t play the game without owning Ethereum, so I’d like to ask those who own Ethereum to play it. And as a feature of blockchain games, users will spread the game themselves. If the number of participating users increases, the value as a stock option will naturally increase, and I hope that the number of users will increase in that way. ”

“Recently, a domestic blockchain game broadcast DApps’ first TV commercial. I think this is not just for the purpose of acquiring users, but for the purpose of telling that cryptocurrencies are not dangerous. From that point of view, I hope to spread to the existing TCG user base and other gamers. ”

――What kind of year do you think this year will be for blockchain technology?

“In 2018, the stock prices of blockchain affiliated companies will rise across the board, and there are excessive expectations from the public that funds will be collected at such companies, but it is chilly that blockchain operation is actually difficult. I think it was a year with a perspective. In 2019, fraudulent ICOs will disappear, too high expectations will be appropriate to some extent, and some existing mechanisms will be replaced with blockchain in terms of settlement of accounts and distribution. I think that such things will come out more and more. Among various application examples, the genre of games is an area where social implementation is fast, so I think that blockchain will be used more and more in games. ”

What is the official release of CryptoSpells?

CryptoSpells is currently releasing a BETA version that can take over data.
It is scheduled to be able to sell and purchase cards on the exchanges in the service in June, and the official release schedule is scheduled for 2Q 2019 (July, August, September of the second quarter). There is.

In the official release, we plan to implement a custom match function, battle play history, and market function.
Furthermore, in the 3rd quarter of 2019 (October, November, December of the third quarter), it is planned to implement enrichment of legend cards, rank battles and guild functions. It is planned to implement chi-ization, rank battle and guild function.
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Keep an eye on Crypto Spells for the upcoming official release.
Just to play the game. It is also a fact that you need to prepare before you start, such as preparing Ethereum. Get your game ready before it’s officially released , play the beta version that’s currently available, and collect valuable cards faster than anyone else.

About us

Company name CryptoGames Co., Ltd.
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representative Kota Ozawa
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