All information in the world in top ten format!

Nowadays, there are a huge number of websites, but it is becoming difficult to collect the information that you really need.
Under such circumstances, ” Top Ten “, which started the service, is a site where you can collect necessary information all at once on one site.

For example, when you want to collect information about “UX” using the Web, the most common method is to search by specifying keywords such as “UX design” in a search engine.
However, in that case, you need to think about keywords other than “UX design” and search by yourself, and sometimes you do not know the word that pinpoints the information you want.

Under such circumstances, it would be very convenient if there was a site that collected information on such “interesting” fields in advance.
Not only can you get the information you want all at once, but you can also reduce the effort of collecting information as much as possible, so it will be efficient and stress-free, whether it is research or interest-oriented circulation.

We have started the service of the ranking site “Top Ten” developed for that purpose.
Articles on this site can be roughly divided into four description systems.

” Ranking ” that provides information independently surveyed in TOP10 format
” Award ” created based on the opinions of experts and experts
Not only independent surveys, but also information published and provided from other sites and documents ” Rating ”
collected ” RSS ” that recommends sites that post important information regardless of the TOP10 format

As you can see, ” Top Ten ” is a very convenient site for collecting information, but due to the characteristics of a “ranking site”, it is very interesting to just look around.
We will continue to grow as a useful site from “killing time” to “collecting specialized information” as well as increasing the number of articles, so please look forward to it.

Top 10

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