Species Co. , Ltd. exhibited the newly developed life-size motion figure platform ” Kokona Kosaka ” at the 3rd “Robodex” (January 16-18, 2019, Tokyo Big Sight) .
It was very gorgeous even in the venue.

What is ” Kosaka Kokona “?

Kokona Kokona is a ” beautiful, slim and delicate movement robot ” that has the expressive power of smooth movement .
A life-sized female motion figure with a height of about 155 cm. It can reproduce the motion created by the
popular 3DCG creation software “MikuMikuDance” , is equipped with Linux-based MOFI-OS ver3.0, and can be operated via HTTP from a PC or smartphone .
In addition to dancing, it is also possible to express delicate movements and move with the pedestal.
By storing the Karakuri unit on the wall, ceiling, floor, etc., the motion figures can be arranged naturally, and a more beautiful appearance can be expressed.

It looks like an anime character, but you can customize it in various ways with costumes and makeup.
It is a robot that can be expected to play an active role not only in events and amusement parks, but also in various scenes such as collaboration with the fashion industry and artists.

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