Japan’s largest owned media “Future Media” and the portal site “Top Ten”, which is particular about the ranking “format”, jointly held a collaboration award “BLOCK CHAIN ​​GAME Popular AWARD”.
What won the prestigious [BLOCK CHAIN ​​GAME Popular AWARD]! ??


Source : CRYPTO SPELLS https://cryptospells.jp/

Game title
CRYPTO SPELLS | Crypto Spells

Release date
June 25, 2019

Game genre
Trading card game

Game content
There are five types of cards and neutral cards, and each civilization has different characteristics. In addition, there are 4 levels of rarity and 10 types of races.

CryptoGames Co., Ltd.

Official site
Twitter https://twitter.com/crypto_spells

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CryptoGames Co., Ltd. thought that the title “CRYPTO SPELLS” was suitable as a popular title to take on the next generation, and decided to award “BLOCK CHAIN ​​GAME Popular AWARD”.

 Card games have a long history and are difficult to gain popularity. Looking back on the history of card battle games, it can be said that trading card games (TCG) started with “Magic: The Gathering” in the United States and became popular in Japan with “Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game”. Furthermore, it has evolved into a digital card game (hereinafter referred to as DCG), which is a computer game of TCG. Initially, it was an era when users could not play against each other or trade offline. With the progress of online games along with the Internet, it is now possible to play against smartphones. However, the trading elements have not been reproduced in DCG. The savior who appeared there is “CRYPTO SPELLS”.

While it is important how to utilize high-rare cards in card battles, strategies and tactics that should be considered are also important because not all of them are available. Know what cards you have to win, get rare cards, and build your deck. This advance preparation is the real thrill of card battles, and DCG has not fully communicated the appeal of TCG by cutting down on trading.

 This time, blockchain technology has realized a wonderful game that is a realistic computerization of TCG. The frustration of trading but not available will make the card eager and immerse you in the game. Now here is the birth of the Digital Trading Card Game (DTCG).


The blockchain technology used in virtual currencies is expected to be applied to fields other than finance, and the pioneer of this is “DApps (distributed applications)”.
It has been more than 30 years since the launch of the Family Computer in Japan. The game industry is undergoing remarkable evolution with the advent of handheld game consoles, 3D graphics, and online functions and VR. The most noticeable of these is games that utilize DApps.
DApps games are being released one after another this year as well.
BLOCK CHAIN GAME AWARD in “companies that have been the development and support of DApps game” will cheer.

About examination

The editorial department of BLOCK CHAIN ​​MEDIA and Top Ten Co., Ltd. conducted a joint examination.
We selected based on the articles published in each media and the articles covered.

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