Boston Dynamics, Inc. of the United States, which is engaged in robot research and development, has been developing various military and commercial robots for some time.
The quadruped walking robot “Big Dog” made the company known to the world at once.

“Big Dog”

Developed in collaboration with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), this robot can walk on four legs like an animal with a control system using various sensors, and can carry 154 kg (later 180 kg) of luggage and cannot run on wheels. It is possible to walk while balancing even on rough roads that are possible.
Such a situation became a hot topic on the net due to the slightly creepy and interesting human movements, and many parody videos of “Big Dog” cosplaying were uploaded.

Big Dog Cosplay … Parody?

As an operation test, unusual treatment of precision equipment such as the developer kicking the robot with all one’s might became a hot topic, and since then, “harsh test” has become a symbol of the company, and a unique video has been released since then. The Rukoto.

Doll robot “Atlas” (playing time 00: 24 ~)

Quadruped walking robot “spot” (playback time 00: 22 ~ 00: 27 ~)

Quadruped walking robot “spot mini”

In addition to kicking, various rigorous tests have been carried out, but they are merely testing “whether the purpose can be achieved in any situation”.
At home and abroad, there were opinions on the Internet that “kicking a robot is pitiful and abusive”, but since it is not developed as a pet robot, it seems necessary to distinguish between pros and cons. ..

Acquisition of Softbank

SoftBank Group acquired Boston Dynamics in 2018.
The SoftBank Group has gained popularity due to the development of “Peper,” but I am very much looking forward to what kind of technology and robot development the SoftBank Group will promote through the acquisition of companies with high technological capabilities.