Elex Co., Ltd. uses the alliance function of this work with a total of 12 talents as ambassadors for about one month from September 14 in the game application “Clash of Kings” for smartphones and tablets that has exceeded 100 million downloads worldwide. The event “4th Anniversary Special Project! Let’s Do Kings with Geki Kawa Talent!” Is being held. The winner will hold a “photo session” with the participants and a “limited collaboration goods” gift.
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Table of contents

  1. 4 anniversary special planning Overview
  2. Participant list (honorific title omitted, alphabetical order)
  3. “4th Anniversary Special Project! Let’s Do Kings with Super Kawa Talent!” Schedule
  4. Prizes
  5. What is Clash of Kings?
  6. CoK 4th Anniversary Event

Outline of 4th anniversary special project

  • 12 talents play Clash of Kings from the beginning
  • Create an alliance where up to 70 people can participate
  • Talents call on fans to support them on their own Twitter etc.
  • Continue to play Clash of Kings every day for a month Ultimately, the winner is decided by the one with the most castles with castle level glory 1 or higher (* If the number of castles with castle level glory 1 or higher is the same, the victory or defeat is decided by the alliance fighting power)
  • Rivals alliance to each other interfere with the development of the castle by entering offensive, aimed at winning
    use the ally of the chat function, play the game talent and participants while taking communication

How strong the alliance can be and how much participant cooperation can be obtained depends on the skill of the talent and the teamwork with the participants!

List of participants (honorific titles omitted, in alphabetical order)

Kechon (You’ll Melt More!)

Rei Kobayashi (Dreaming Address)

Mei Sakai

Sagara Akane

Uki Satake (9nine)

Hikari Shiina

Airi Shimizu

Mai Tsukamoto

Marina Nagasawa

Nishiwaki Sayaka

Yuki Minase

Tsukasa Wachi

“4th Anniversary Special Project! Let’s Do Kings with Super Kawa Talent!” Schedule

Event period: September 14th (Friday) -October 12th (Saturday) 17:00

  • The event period may change.


Winner: “Photo session” and “Limited collaboration goods” gifts

Most cheering award: A QUO card with an original design will be presented by lottery from among the cheering members

(* Those who cannot join the alliance of talents due to the limited number of people can also support on the special site)

Intermediate Goal Achievement Award: Limited Postcard Present

Dedicated Twitter account: https://twitter.com/K4specialevents

Support page: https://clashofkings-specialevents.com/

With the cooperation of Mr. Max Murai, the talent who is the ally, we explained the plan of Clash of Kings, gave guidance on playing, and shot a video of the situation in advance.

Here is how it looks

Click here for the 4th anniversary special project support page!
What is Clash of Kings?
Over 100 million downloads worldwide! Become a “cultivation + strategy” MMORPG
king, strengthen your castle and soldiers, drop other countries and create the strongest empire!

CoK 4th Anniversary Event

● Anniversary countdown

Event period: August 22nd-September 19th

Tap the event facility in the main castle to participate in the event. Tap to log in and you will receive a login reward.
You can earn share rewards by tapping the “Journey” icon that appears after receiving the login. You can get a share reward by sharing this on SNS.

● New Hero “Goddess of Harvest”

Has specialized skills in collecting powerful resources.

Reference: http://www.appbank.net/2018/08/28/iphone-application/1610625.php

● Slaughter battlefield held!
The Slaughter Battlefield is a constantly open PVP battlefield for completely new individuals. All lords who participate in the war are given equal stats, and it is a place where you can seriously compete with the lords of each empire without consuming the actual combat power. You can also get a lot of items as a reward. Please check in-game for details.

Clash of Kings

iOS: https://bit.ly/2CDWoAi

Android: https://bit.ly/2x1oXSd

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2N7oede

Official website: http://clashofkings.jp/