Speaking of Teppo shrimp, it looks like a crayfish and is characterized by having an abnormally developed and enlarged hand (scissors) on one arm.

When hunting for prey, the scissors make a loud “snap” sound.
This sound has the power to instantly stun small creatures by causing an explosion with a shock wave with the scissors closed and just touching the bubbles generated at that time.
At the same time as the bubbles expand, the water evaporates and plasma is generated, and at the same time, a high temperature of 4700 ° C * is generated. It is unbelievable that small creatures that can be placed in the palm of your hand will generate high temperatures that approach the surface temperature of the sun. * There are various theories about temperature

Robots focusing on these teppo web scissors are being researched, so I would like to introduce them.

Scissors robot

A research team at the University of Texas A & M has announced the successful development of a scissors-type robot that can generate plasma shock waves in water, similar to Alpheus brevicii.

A member of the research team thought, “If we apply the mechanism of scissors, we can create an opportunity to generate plasma waves.”

The research team obtained the peeled shells of Alpheus brevicii and performed 3D printing to complete a durable plastic scissors.

It has been enlarged to about 5 times the size of the real thing, but it seems that the speed of closing the scissors is the same as the real thing.

Plasma application

The techniques for creating plasma groups are already used in welders and laser output devices, but they are all inefficient because they use electricity.
However, this scissors-shaped robot is compact and uses almost no power, so it is said to be efficient.

The scissors-shaped robot is said to be useful not only for excavating rocks but also for purifying water.
It is expected to play an active role in various fields in the future.