With the development of IT technology, the cost of technology has been reduced, it has become easier than before to connect network systems to devices, and IoT technology has begun to spread in industrial and business settings.
Now it is clear that it has spread not only to industrial and business places but also to our private lives, and behind the spread of IoT home appliances and IoT housing, the spread of smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home It is no exaggeration to say that there is an era in which IoT technology can be applied to anything.

By the way, IoT devices like those smart speakers are very active in everyday personal life, but from
our own perspective, what kind of things are practical in everyday personal life is “useful for daily life”. Introduced in a ranking format within the framework of “IoT devices” .

[10th] Qrio Hub

Image quote: Qrio, Inc. ( https://qrio.me/ )

Remote control of your home key To prevent forgetting to close the key!
By linking with Qrio Lock, you can unlock and lock from outside via the network.
In addition to remote control, you can also receive notifications of key operations, which is useful for crime prevention and also for confirming your family’s return home.

“Qrio Lock”, notice for Google Assistant

[9th] leafee mag

Image quote: Leafy Store ( https://store.leafee.me/ )

You can easily check the door lock with your smartphone
. You can check the opening and closing of various things in your home.
It can be attached to almost anything that physically opens and closes, such as door windows, entrances, refrigerators, air conditioners, and drawers.

It can be installed by simply sticking it on the window using the attached double-sided sticker, and by linking it with a smartphone via Bluetooth, and the price is in the 2000 yen range, which makes it easy to install.

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[8th place] “D Free”

Image quote: DFree official website ( https://dfree.biz/ )

Notify the timing of the toilet (urination) in advance!
You can check the timing of urination and the amount of urine accumulated on your smartphone!
The swelling of the bladder can be constantly measured with an ultrasonic sensor, processed, and displayed in 10 steps on the app.

The rechargeable and lightweight design allows you to go out while wearing it, reducing the burden on the user.
Elderly people who feel frequent urination can manage the timing of urination by themselves and can apply it to optimize assistance, so they are highly evaluated by users.

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[7th place] volia!

Image quote: Wistiki official website ( https://www.wistiki.jp/feature/ )

Smartphone accessories that support what you are looking for By
linking your smartphone with the Bluetooth function, you can know your current location on a sound or map.
It seems that it can be applied when you have lost it at home but cannot find it easily, or when you want the whole family to find it.

It’s a great product to attach to something you share with your family, like a car key, or to find something you’ve forgotten at home.
Whistiki also sells accessories for bags and pets.

[6th] “KDDI IoT Cloud-Toilet Vacancy Management-“

KDDI IoT Portal  ( https://iot.kddi.com/ )

Eliminate wasted time searching for vacant toilets!
The operational status can be visualized, and it can be applied to the early detection of accidents and criminal acts.
By using it in an office building, work efficiency can be improved, and cleaning timing can be managed in commercial facilities.
It is still in operation at railway companies and office buildings.

[5th ​​place] “GUM PLAY”

Sunstar official website  ( http://jp.sunstar.com/ )

Propose the optimal brushing method just
by attaching it to the toothbrush It is a device with a new concept that makes toothbrushing fun by attaching an attachment that recognizes the movement of the toothbrush and linking it with a smartphone.
The attachment has a built-in accelerometer, which sends data while brushing teeth to a smartphone.
You can maintain the health of your teeth and mouth by brushing your teeth while having fun.

An app that allows you to brush your teeth at game intervals and an app that reads out the news while brushing your teeth are designed to make your
tooth brushing time more enjoyable without wasting it.

[4th place] “TISPY”

Crowdfunding platform “Makuake”
( https://www.makuake.com/project/tispy2/ )

Measure the alcohol concentration of the guest from yourself! Enjoy the drinking party!
When you breathe in, depending on the alcohol concentration in the person’s exhaled breath, you can say, “You won’t get a hangover at this pace,” “You should drink water,” or “I’m very drunk.” It’s a device that gives advice in a casual way so that you can have fun with your heart.

It is also possible for “TISPY” to learn its own drinking tolerance by sending a signal to the main body to end drinking and inputting the measurement again and the state of sickness after a certain period of time.

It would be the best gadget to refrain from making the true last cup of judgment.
Furthermore, it seems that the application will be effective as a device for refusing the word “drink more”.

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[3rd place] Sports bra with heart rate sensor

Image quote: Wearable official website ( https://wrb.co.jp/ )

Simple design with outstanding practicality that does not burden the user By
linking with the smartphone application, it is possible to check the information sent from the built-in sensor within the application and monitor heartbeat, respiration, and calories burned in real time. ..
You can check your own health condition and manage your own amount of exercise.

With the increasing demand for wearable devices such as smart watches and IoT products year by year, and the fact that it is becoming increasingly commonplace to
equip wearables with computers, Wearables handles many other wearable products. There is.
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[2nd place] OMRON “Sleeping Time Meter”

OMRON Official HP https://www.omron.co.jp/

Check your sleep every day! Non-contact, easy and comfortable measurement of natural sleep
Easy breathing training while sleeping with the app. It encourages relaxation before sleep.
It is a product that strongly moves the hearts of users who are supposed to be sleeping but somehow feel dull and tired during the day, and users who are concerned about their sleep.
Although it is a personal subjectivity, I would like to recommend it to working people who work long hours and sleep time is unavoidably shortened in order to improve the quality of sleep.

[1st place] “Amazon Echo series”

Image quote: Amazon official website ( https://www.amazon.co.jp/ )

Smart speaker that can be operated by voice You can operate
“home appliances, lighting, music, clock, news, weather” etc. just by talking.
It is equipped with artificial intelligence, and the more you speak, the more you learn and the more vocabulary you have, the better your accuracy and your tastes.

The more you use it, the more it can become an indispensable part of your life.

IoT technology is familiar.

As mentioned above, how was the 10 types of IoT devices? Some of the products were of interest, and some of them were not of interest at all.
Demand for IoT products continues to grow year by year, and it’s not too far away that IoT technology will be used in almost everything used in homes and everyday personal life.

Currently, IoT products are being developed all over the world. I would like to expect what kind of original IoT devices will appear in the future.