Starting the year right by introducing the world to dancing robots!

Boston Dynamics, one of the most advanced robotics companies on the market, caused a sensation with the launch of a video on its YouTube channel in which you can see some of its robots dancing to the rhythm of the song ‘ Do You Love Me? ´ by The Contours.

The first robot to be seen is an Atlas, a humanoid robot that weighs an average of 80 kilos and measures 1.5 meters. Later, another appears on stage to join his choreography.

The two Atlases are accompanied by a Spot, which is about a quadruped robot, it is similar to a dog, this same one executes some steps of the dance following the rhythm of the music. You already know this last insurance, since it helped to face the pandemic in some countries, it was used to support doctors to monitor patients remotely and help maintain social distancing in public spaces in countries like Singapore.