[Monster Hunter Rise] All “Ver2.0” is in full swing! ?? Comfortable and strongest continuous bow equipment! Recommended for TAs

This time, in “Monster Hunter Rise (Ver2.0)” (MH-Rise), the comfortable and strongest all-in-one for “Hyakuryu Bow (Rapid Fire)” that supports all attributes! ?? Introducing various equipment.

Table of Contents
1 Hundred Dragon Bow is recommended for all attributes
2 Activation skill and commentary
3 Equipment introduction
4 Damage verification
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6 “Monster Hunter Rise” Product Overview

Hundred Dragon Bow is recommended for all attributes

Thanks to the “Ver2.0” update, the originally strong Hyakuryu Bow can now be further strengthened.
Until the previous version, the Anjanaf bow “Beast Jaw Bow Fram Arkus” was the strongest fire attribute, but in Ver2.0 it is said that the Hyakuryu Bow is strong in all attributes.

Recommended Hyakuryu Skill
・ Attack power enhancement Ⅲ
・ Attribute addition Ⅲ (select your favorite attribute)
・ Shooting type change [continuous fire]
・ Bin addition [strong
attack ]・ Bin addition [aeration] (because the attack power is +10)

Let’s quickly introduce the strongest equipment that supports all attributes of the continuous fire type Hyakuryu bow.

Activation skill and commentary

· ◯ attribute attack strengthening Lv5 (attributes can be changed!)
, Body surgery Lv4 (in Lv5 comparable Bun body surgery)
– weakness slayer Lv3
-stamina rapid recovery Lv3
, usually bullets, rate of fire arrows strengthening Lv3
, ultra-satisfaction Lv1
-bow Accumulation stage release Lv1
/ flinch reduction Lv1

Skill commentary

As introduced in the image, if you use bunjutsu (kibikibi dango), it will have the same effect as physique Lv5, and you can get the effect of reducing stamina consumption by 50%, which is the upper limit, so physique is Lv4. Up to.
In this work, the physical technique and the dango skill are treated as the same frame, and the reduction value of stamina consumption is limited to a maximum of 50%.
Since the fast-moving drug is counted separately from these frames, the reduction value of stamina consumption is + 25%, and it is possible to reduce stamina consumption up to 75% in the combined state.

For attribute attack enhancement, there are 5 Lv1 slots available, so you should choose your favorite attribute.
Flirt mitigation Lv1 prevents you from being frightened by the attacks of other players in multiplayer.
It is an unnecessary skill in solo play, but I am wearing it because there is room in the slot.

Equipment introduction

The equipment configuration is as shown in the image below.
[Normal bullet / continuous shooting arrow strengthening Lv2 slot ① ① ①] is used for the stone protection.

List of necessary accessories

The accessories required for the equipment configuration introduced in this article are as follows.

Damage verification

With the equipment configuration introduced in this article, aiming at the weak point of Kakashi in the training ground while using a smashing bin and a strong bow, [Tame 4 → Hard shooting → Hard continuous shooting → Flying glance shooting → Shooting → Shooting I tried to verify the total damage of a series of attacks called [Shooting].

Recorded total damage of over 2800 damage in just a few seconds!
The equipment configuration introduced in this article is designed to minimize stamina consumption and generate firepower.

[Normal bullet / continuous shooting arrow strengthening Lv2 slot ① ① ①] is used for the stone protection, but a similar configuration can be made even with only one Lv1 slot.
The configuration is perfect for challenging time attacks, so if you are worried about bow equipment, please try it!

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【モンハンライズ】オトモ広場の祠 忘れてない? オトモ専用装備が開放されるぞ

【モンハンライズ】オトモ広場の祠 忘れてない? オトモ専用装備が開放されるぞ


【モンハンライズ】同じ護石しか出ない “マカ錬金バグ” 公式が確認中。

【モンハンライズ】知らなかった人も!? 「フクズクの巣」からアイテムが手に入る!

【モンハンライズ】便利になったハンターノート 弱点や肉質から素材のドロップ率まで網羅されてるぞ!


【モンハンライズ】知ってた? 交易船が出港する様子が見れるんです。

“Monster Hunter Rise” Product Overview

Monster Hunter Rise
Release Date: Friday, March 26, 2021
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Hunting Action
Number of players: 1 (Communication play: up to 4)
CERO Rating: C

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