This time, we will introduce the recommended equipment of the penetrating light bow gun that is stronger than the previous version in “Monster Hunter Rise (Ver2.0)” (MH-Rise).

Skills are greedy in Ver2.0

Ultra-satisfaction Lv3
, weakness slayer Lv3
-through bullet-through arrow strengthening Lv3
-loading speed Lv3
-recoil reducing Lv3
, rapid-fire strengthen Lv3
, the whole body Lv1 (when weaknesses suicide triggered by this thanks to the satisfaction 100%)
– stunned Resistant Lv1

Skill commentary

Until the previous version, many template equipments with weakness special effects and super-confidence were spread to attack power Lv7, but in Ver2.0, the equipment configuration using rapid fire enhancement Lv2 has become the strongest configuration. It was.
Nargalite’s critical rate is 40%, but if you add + 50% to the weakness special effect in addition to + 10% when the whole body is activated, the equipment configuration will boast a 100% critical rate when the weakness special effect is activated.

With the Penetration Light Bowgun, because it attacks at a certain distance from the monster, it is rarely attacked by other players even during multiplayer, so I think that the flinch reduction Lv1 is unnecessary.

Equipment introduction

The equipment configuration is as shown in the image below.
[Weakness special effect slot ①–] is used for the stone protection.

Armor configuration

This is an example of equipment configuration including ornaments.

Part given names slot Ornaments Required number
weapon Crossbow [Crossbow] ② – Super pearl [2] 1
Head Renopro S Helm ①– Early filling beads [1] 1
Body Weik S Mail ③ ② ① Rapid fire beads [3] 1
Super pearl [2] 1
Early filling beads [1] 1
arm Jura Arm ③ ② ① Rapid fire beads [3] 1
Super pearl [2] 1
Early filling beads [1] 1
Waist Chrome metal coil ③ ② ① Penetrating beads [3] 1
Painful beads [2] 1
Rebellion beads [1] 1
leg Ashira S Greaves ③ ② ① Rapid fire beads [3] 1
Whole body beads [2] 1
Rebellion beads [1] 1
Goishi Weakness special effect ①– Rebellion beads [1] 1

List of necessary accessories

The accessories required for the equipment configuration introduced in this article are as follows.

Ornaments Required number
Penetrating beads [3] 1
Early filling beads [1] 3
Rapid fire beads [3] 3
Super pearl [2] 3
Painful beads [2] 1
Rebellion beads [1] 3
Whole body beads [2] 1

Damage verification

With the equipment configuration introduced in this article, I aimed at the weak point (head) of Kakashi in the training ground and verified the total damage for 1 reload (4 shots).

It made a pleasant sound of rapid-fire penetrating bullets, multi-stage hits, and recorded total damage exceeding 1350 damage in just a few seconds!
I remember that the damage was around 1100 with the equipment configuration before Ver2.0.

If you give this amount of firepower to a light bow gun that is highly mobile and hard to exhaust, it seems that you can have a fairly comfortable hunter life!
Please try to make it ♪

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