From September 2019, Hatapro Co., Ltd. will participate in a research project on dementia diagnosis and prevention / progression suppression in clinical gene therapy at the Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University.

he AI-equipped small general-purpose robot ZUKKU developed by Hatapro is equipped with a communication function, and data is accumulated and visualized in a cloud-type marketing management system for on-site demand forecasting, policy planning, and content distribution of the attached IoT-type digital signage. It provides added value that utilizes AI and robotics, such as optimization. A health promotion program utilizing this ZUKKU is introduced at the day service office in Osaka prefecture operated by Human Life Care Co., Ltd., and the effect is analyzed and demonstrated to maintain the cognitive function. It aims to create and disseminate the scientific basis of.

Hatapuro Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ryota Izawa, hereafter: Hatapuro), which develops and manufactures dialogue AI (artificial intelligence) and small general-purpose robot “ZUKKU”, has been in Osaka since September 2019. University Graduate School of Medicine We will participate in research projects related to dementia diagnosis and prevention / progression suppression in clinical gene therapy. This research will be conducted as a contract research from Osaka Prefecture as part of the Osaka Prefecture model project for the Osaka Expo.

Human Life Care Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shinya Setoguchi, hereafter: Human Life Care) is a health promotion program that utilizes the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) -equipped small general-purpose robot ZUKKU developed by Hatapuro. ) Will be introduced at the day service office in Osaka prefecture, and the effects will be analyzed and verified with the aim of creating and disseminating the scientific basis for a health promotion program aimed at maintaining cognitive function.

[Background of research / Reason for participation]

Against the background of super-aging and the rapid increase in dementia, the establishment of effective preventive methods and non-drug intervention methods is a socially important issue. By participating in this research at the Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University, which is conducting advanced research toward the solution, and utilizing the knowledge of AI technology, service robots, and IoT device development that Hatapuro has cultivated so far. I thought that I could contribute widely to society.

The number of paper reports that cognitive function can be maintained by detecting cognitive dysfunction at an early stage and actively performing non-drug intervention (exercise, cognitive function training, prevention of social isolation and promotion of communication) from an early stage is increasing year by year. If an intervention program that is widely enforceable at the general public level, easy to continue, and has a high medical basis is developed, its social significance will be enormous. In addition, if a method that can evaluate the effect easily and objectively is established, it will develop as an early detection / early intervention program for dementia targeting more local residents, and will greatly contribute to the extension of healthy life expectancy. Is expected.

Through this initiative, Hatapuro will utilize AI robots to develop intervention programs that are easy to continue and have a high medical basis, and to accumulate knowledge of non-drug interventions. While blending in, it will continue to function as a “new senior assistant device” that always stays close to you like a real pet and provides new discoveries and experiences in your life.

[About ZUKKU]

■ Feature 1: Small device that can be installed anywhere The
height is only 10 cm, and it was developed as a palm-sized AI robot that can be easily introduced. It is a lovely and reliable small partner who thinks autonomously without any special settings, talks with customers, acquires and analyzes data, and promotes various suggestions and actions to help people. Equipped with a communication function, data is accumulated and visualized in a cloud-type marketing management system, and added value utilizing AI and robotics, such as on-site demand forecasting, policy planning, and optimization of content distribution of attached IoT-type digital signage. It provides and is active in various stores such as retail and service industries.

■ Feature 2: Data analysis and remote management in the cloud

Cognitive function by optimizing conversation functions such as content delivered by ZUKKU’s AI in cooperation with IoT type signage display and counseling to encourage speech for day service users It is provided as a health promotion program aimed at maintaining and improving the health of the company and extending healthy life expectancy.

[Information for media coverage]

On September 26, 2019, we will hold a cognitive function test for users and a demonstration of the small animal robot “ZUKKU” at the day service office “Human Life Care Kishibenoyu Day Service” in Osaka Prefecture. We would like to ask all media-related people to consider interviewing us.
Please see the Human Holdings Co., Ltd. page below for details such as the location and schedule.

▼ (Human Holdings Co., Ltd. press release page)

 Hatapro will continue to develop AI robots that will be convenient and useful to society, and will create new value that will be the flag of the next era through open innovation with various companies and universities / government agencies. I will continue.

[About Hatapuro]

Hatapuro is a telecommunications equipment manufacturer established in Tokyo in 2010 with the aim of “creating the next era with manufacturing and IT technology.” Combining cloud AI and hardware technology, we have realized optimal specification formulation, high-speed prototyping, intellectual property and business plan formulation, and appropriate quantity production of final products, and have been involved in the development of various products so far. ..
Utilizing the knowledge of next-generation manufacturing, we have abundant achievements in open innovation such as establishing joint ventures with large companies and local governments. We are focusing on the establishment of an IoT regional trading company and the development of medical / nursing AI robots using next-generation communication “5G”.