Every year, I feel that some number is updating to the highest ever in the history of observation, and if the heat continues to increase every year in the future, from those who are not good at being hot like me, This is where I want you to take a break.

The heat of summer is much more news than the cold of winter.
The reason for this is that compared to winter, heatstroke is more likely to occur in summer, and in the event of a water accident that leads to the sea or river in search of coolness, the risk of life increases.
It is also said that the economy is activated when the heat is high.
You can get out of the cold to some extent by dressing up in winter, but in the summer it is hot even if you get naked, so you often rely on civilian instruments.
Every time the temperature rises from around 30 degrees Celsius, the operating condition of the air conditioner, cold food such as ice, and sales of cool and cool items are going to increase.

This time I would like to introduce some of such “Noryo Digital Gadgets”.

Mask with fan

This summer is “New Summer of Coronavirus” . No matter how hot it is, a mask is indispensable when you go out. However, it’s tough to wear a mask all the time in the heat.
For this reason, recently, masks have been released one after another with the idea of ​​releasing heat, such as using materials that allow air to pass through well, or fabrics that give a cool feel when blown.
In addition, there are masks that are equipped with a fan, just like gas masks, and even the type of “installing a small fan on an existing mask” type, which is introduced in the quote.
It’s a new digital gadget that meets the needs of the times.

Air conditioning wear
Isn’t the most famous item of the cool gadget “air conditioning wear”? It’s no exaggeration to say that everyone who wears a workout with a fan around their waist and wears it outdoors is wearing it.
When it first appeared, it didn’t get a good reputation, such as “The clothes became muddy due to the wind and it was cool”, but due to various improvements and price competition due to various manufacturers coming out, Has become accepted as very popular.
In addition to work, it is also used for various purposes such as outdoor use and jogging.
I think this is the form of the latest gadget, which is an extremely classic type of “cool air” that is used to send the wind.

Portable air conditioner
Speaking of air conditioners, they are the strongest home appliances that survive the hot summer. At this time of year, if you go to a consumer electronics mass retailer, it is definitely sold in the largest area.
Recently, small air conditioners and even portable types have come out. In the past, there were many disadvantages such as cold wind, no cold wind, no effect for a short time even if it was small and noisy sound, so it did not come out much in the past, but recently due to improvement in technology, it is equipped The type that is not inferior to the type came out.
However, the need to regularly add water or ice to generate cold air has not changed, and it is a future issue.