Source : [DApps Game Ranking (2019/2/20 – Ranking Information Site TOP10]

Introducing an article that summarizes the latest rankings of blockchain games .
Since this top image is a pie chart, you can see that My Crypto Heroes has an overwhelmingly large number of users.
So why are there so many users? Let’s think about the reason.

Smartphone compatible

One of the reasons is that it is compatible with both smartphones.
You may be wondering why smartphone support is the reason, but there are more blockchain games that rely on the Web version to support virtual currencies.
The advantage of being able to play anytime, anywhere will be great.



Breeder games are popular in blockchain games because you can buy and sell your own characters.
Breeders will be able to sell their favorite characters because the characters they raise will leave offspring.
RPGs are another reason why they are so popular, as there are many similar games.

Japanese support


In Japan, cashless society is not widespread among developed countries, and few people are using virtual currencies.
Therefore, many do not support Japanese.
Under such circumstances, the strength of domestic blockchain games is that they support Japanese.


You may feel that the above three reasons for popularity are not enough.
However, blockchain games are currently growing rapidly and we are still groping for what kind of games are suitable.
Therefore, avant-garde games will be created because there are few rivals and there are plenty of opportunities.

Top Ten

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