“Awards” in the article type of the portal site ” Top Ten ” operated by Top Ten Co., Ltd., which is particular about the “ranking” format, is collaborated with Japan’s largest owned media ” Future Media ” to commend. I will deliver it at.

With the development of information and communication technology and the development of transportation, globalization is progressing in all fields such as people, materials, and information.
In addition, the number of Japanese companies that “plan to expand overseas in the future” is increasing every year from the viewpoint of “decrease in domestic demand” and “development of new markets”.

We will start accepting the Best of Overseas Expansion Awrard in order to commend individuals or companies that are expanding overseas as a reference for those who want to expand overseas .


Winners and companies will receive products, trophies, and diplomas worth up to 100,000 yen .
Not only the general public who wants to deepen their knowledge, but also companies who want to appeal, please do not hesitate to apply!

[Application acceptance period]
August 9, 1st year of Reiwa-August 31st, 1st year of Reiwa

[Eligibility for application]
Eating and drinking, services, information, anything is acceptable. This applies to individuals or companies that have expanded overseas.

[How to apply] Please apply from the
inquiry form !
* Application is free.

The editorial department of Internationalized Media and Top Ten Co., Ltd. will conduct a joint examination.
We will make a selection based on the articles published in each media and the articles covered.

Even if you do not have an article to cover, we can cover it with internationalized media and make it a candidate for selection, so please contact us using the inquiry form.
* Prize money, certificates, and plaques will be contacted to the award-winning companies at a later date.

Winners will be announced on 9/27 !

Please apply by all means! !!

Planning and management
About future media
Future media is Japan’s largest owned media that provides the latest information from the latest IT-related technologies under the theme of “future.”
Information is disseminated daily from a total of 26 owned media, and we are developing a wide range of media.
It is a news media that can see the future by transmitting various information and the latest information such as games, e-sports, robots, wearables, IoT, blockchain, etc.

About Top Ten Co., Ltd.
It is a portal site that delivers information that is particular about the format from 1st to 10th for each category.
Articles that hold down trends and articles of original coverage are posted.
In addition to delivering the main news in each category from 1st to 10th, we also deliver various information with dynamic infographics.
There are 10 article categories: IT, entertainment / games, hobbies, sports, fashion, gourmet, home / living, travel, knowledge, finance / companies, and we will provide you with better information at any time.