The PS4 was released in 2013. In other words, after 7 years, PS5 will finally be released.
Realistic images are realized with each series, and at the time of PS4 I thought , “This is already a live action,” but with 5 it may be more realistic. ..
A new PS5 commercial has been newly released on August 20th. This is not an introduction to the game screen, but a content that directs the selling point of PS5.
Selling PS5
PS5 is said to be sold in the following three ways.

・Tactile evolution “Haptic feedback” I
‘ve said that the controller vibrates in previous series, but it is said that it will evolve further.
It seems to have a finer texture. It would be great to be able to express whether it was cold or hot.

・Evolution of immersive feeling “Adaptive Trigger”
This is a thing that the resistance of the button changes according to the situation of the game. It seems that the buttons become heavy when trying to move a heavy object.

・More realistic sound evolution
There have been games that stuck to “sound” such as “Tempest 3D audio” and “The Last of Us”, but it has evolved further. It seems that you can experience a realistic sound.
The new commercial this time expresses these characteristics.

Compatibility, title, etc.
“Compatibility” is a big issue for users with PS4 .
Basically, until now I said I couldn’t play PS2 games on PS3 and PS3 games on PS4, I couldn’t play titles from earlier series, but apparently most games on PS4 about PS5 Can be played.
It’s not all, but it seems that you can play nearly 100 popular titles. This is great for gamers. You don’t have to change the game console one by one.

Also, I am worried about what kind of title will be released. I personally think that there will be “Horizon Forbidden West” , which is a sequel to the mess of TPS game “Horizon Zero Dawn”, so I want to play anything.
I would also like to see the Nieer series and the Ys series come out.

When will it be released?
Nintendo’s game consoles have basically remained the same since Nintendo’s days, and the concept is that they are always friendly and enjoyable for everyone. The PS, on the other hand, is evolving toward a more core direction, as we said “more beautiful” and “more realistic.”
While there are personal likes and dislikes, it’s great for gamers to have different styles of games.
As of August 24, we do not yet know when it will be released. Also, the price is not yet clear. However, isn’t it fun to wait?