It is said that the Japanese sports population is about 75 million people, and now it seems that everyone in Japan is playing some kind of
sports , and sports-related products are being researched every day.

This time, as it is a company award that supports Japanese sports, we will introduce companies that manufacture and sell sports products etc. in a ranking format from our own perspective.

10th place XANAX
A company that is strong in baseball-related products.
Gloves are especially famous.

9th place SSK (SSK)
This is also a company that is strong in baseball related products.

8th place YONEX
A company that is strong in sports that use rackets such as badminton and tennis.

7th place GOLDWIN
A company that is increasing sales of products from The North Face.

6th place Descente
Companies that focus on sportswear such as baseball, golf, and athletics

5th place mont-bell
A company that focuses on products related to outdoor sports such as mountain climbing.

4th place Mizuno
A manufacturer that comprehensively handles sports-related items.

3rd place Achilles
Speaking of “shunsho”, isn’t it a product that everyone has heard once?
Created with the slogan of allowing children to run faster without falling, it is
now a big hit product that sells 5 million pairs a year.
His attitude of continuing to give dreams to children is highly evaluated.

2nd place ASICS
A company that has strengths in sports shoes.
It has a particularly high brand power in marathon competitions and volleyball, and is ranked number one in the industry in Japan, and
overseas sales are increasing year by year.

1st place Japan Sigma Max
A company that handles sports care products such as supporters.
It has a brand called Zamst and sells products that are loved by athletes in various sports.
We are developing supporters and care products for various parts, and we have
ranked first as a corporate award that supports Japanese sports .