The video released at Tokyo Game Show 2019 has already been lifted!

SEGA Games Co., Ltd. has released two videos, “Story Trailer” and “Game Trailer”, which were released at TGS 2019.

In “Story Trailer”, the main character, Kasuga Ichiban, was shot by the Arakawa group leader, Masumi Arakawa, who was longing for his father, and the flow until he arrived at “Yokohama, Isezakicho” and the three dominating Isezakicho A part of Kasuga’s best story is drawn, such as the existence of an organization and the disturbing incident that occurs in Isezakicho.

In the “Game Trailer”, the new battle system “Live Command RPG Battle” due to the change from this work to RPG, the new stage “Yokohama / Isesaki Ijincho” and the latest models have been added to the four models of “Pachislot”. Introducing play spots such as the race game “Dragon Cart” that explodes the city of Yokohama with a modified cart.

Yakuza 7 Story Trailer

Yakuza 7 Game Trailer