Game Production Co., Ltd. has opened a new e-Sports studio “esports Japan” in Akihabara. This time, we talked to Mr. Itsuto Nakamura, an executive officer, why he opened the e-Sports studio in Akihabara.

What is Game Production Co., Ltd.
Game Production Co., Ltd. is a member of the Japan Esports Union (Jesu), and is working to make e-Sports familiar by popularizing e-Sports and creating an environment where people can live in games. It is said that it is.

20 high-spec gaming PCs, complete with NURO optical line
The venue is equipped with 20 gaming PCs with the latest specifications and NURO optical lines boasting a maximum downlink speed of 2 Gbps and an uplink speed of 1 Gbps. In addition, a projector that projects on a 260-inch oversized screen and full-scale audio equipment are also available.

There are also briefing rooms, free spaces, and changing rooms, which can be used in a variety of situations.

Interview with Mr. Nakamura

Why set up a studio in Akihabara, where there are many competitors?
Speaking of Akihabara, I think that it is a sacred place for anime and games. Through the promotion of e-Sports, I chose Akihabara because it is a place where it is easy to work toward creating an environment where people can live in games and further popularizing it. In addition, since e-Sports facilities are gathered, I also think that it would be better to make e-Sports a sanctuary in the future.

Please tell me the features (points) of “esports Japan”.
Is our facility a secret base like an old game center? I think that the facility was completed with excitement while imagining such an environment that was tickled as a child. I think that it is characteristic that the audience can easily get enthusiastic due to the 260-inch oversized screen in the 6 to 6 face-to-face battle format. In addition, it is fully equipped with a space for holding strategy meetings for each team, a free space, and a changing room, and can handle a variety of situations. It is also equipped with audio equipment so that you can fully feel the presence of the game.

What kind of event will you hold in the future?
From summer to autumn, we are planning e-Sports competitions with several titles.
I will also manage e-Sports players, so I hope to hold something like a fan meeting. I would like to recruit event plans from outside. I would like to help Akihabara to become a sanctuary (laughs).

Please tell us about your future prospects.
I would be very happy if we could plan and manage an e-Sports tournament and produce world champions from it. It would be great if this facility could be used to create an environment such as “earn money from games!” And “live!” And meet players who can liven up the facility together.

Did you have a hard time opening the studio?
The difficulty in setting up the venue was lighting. Cool! I thought it was very important to create something that made me think, so I painted the ceiling and other parts in black. We are particular about sound and have introduced speakers that are used at live venues. Also, I broke the wall during the renovation to provide a room for the team’s strategy meeting and a space for chatting (laughs). We also have 20 high-spec gaming machines, so it took time to select a gaming PC. Therefore, I would like everyone to come and play against us.

Esports Japan
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