Tsuzuki Electric Co., Ltd. is using Fujitsu’s “Robot AI Platform” and “unibo” in combination to solve social issues such as labor shortages related to nursing care sites, and is using “KitFit Silver Land”, a solution for nursing care facilities. Now available.

Tsuzuki Electric Co., Ltd. intends to aim for sales of 220 million yen in three years by enhancing optional products such as this solution with the “KitFit Silverland Nursing Care Recording System”.

 Tsuzuki Electric Co., Ltd. (President: Isao Emori, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as the Company) provides nursing care using the communication robot “unibo ( 1)” and Fujitsu Limited’s “Robot AI Platform ( 2)”. We will start providing solutions for facilities. Through the introduction of robots, we will support the solution of social issues such as labor shortages related to nursing care sites.
 This solution combines the nursing care recording system, which is an optional product of our solution for long-term care providers “KitFit SilverLand (* 3)”, with Fujitsu’s “robot AI platform” and “unibo” that realize natural interpersonal communication. It has been realized in, and will be available from August 1st.
 ”KitFit Silverland Nursing Care Recording System” aims to achieve sales of 220 million yen in three years by enhancing optional products such as this solution.

■ Background

 In Japan, the long-term care insurance system was enforced in 2000, and many long-term care facilities and long-term care services were created, but the environment surrounding long-term care sites remains severe. With the increase in the number of elderly people who need long-term care, there is a shortage of staff and facilities, and many problems such as the quality of long-term care and the treatment of staff have become apparent.
 In such an environment, there is an increasing need for robots equipped with interpersonal communication functions that can optimally support human work in the medical and long-term care fields.

■ Solution overview

 By linking long-term care record data with the “robot AI platform” and “unibo”, we will enhance communication between users, their families, and staff, and support the improvement of satisfaction for those involved in the long-term care industry.
 In addition, other optional products such as a new mobile-compatible recording system are currently under development, and a system that can analyze and utilize accumulated big data to help realize “evidence-based nursing care services”. We will aim for.

・ Unibo main unit and initial setting cost: 298,000 yen per unibo
・ System usage fee: 50,000 yen / month per unibo
* Introduction of “KitFit Silverland” basic system and long-term care recording system is required Is required.
 Please contact us for details.

(Including future image)
 We collect and analyze data from various devices including unibo and utilize it to improve the efficiency of long-term care work such as support for creating care plans.

 ・ May 14, 2018
  Tsuzuki Electric collaborates with Fujitsu robot AI platform in the field of senior healthcare

 ・ October 12, 2018
  Tsuzuki Electric started verification of communication robot utilization for nursing care facilities

  Fujitsu Limited Partner Solution Introduction Video
  ”KitFit SilverLand x Robot / AI”

■ We have received the following comments regarding this announcement.

 Hirofumi Watase, General Manager, AI Service Business Headquarters, Fujitsu Limited (June 23)
 New user experience and data utilization with our AI solutions “Robot AI Platform” and “unibo” as the starting point for Tsuzuki Electric’s nursing care solutions We are honored to be able to contribute to the realization of type nursing services.
 In order to support the solution of issues in the senior healthcare field, we will work with Tsuzuki Denki to create innovation through AI.

■ About Tsuzuki Electric Co., Ltd.

(URL: https://www.tsuzuki.co.jp/ )
 We are a company that provides ICT services in “information network solution services” and “electronic devices”. The Tsuzuki Group is working to improve the corporate value of our customers with 2,500 people from 13 companies, aiming to solve social issues.

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( 1) unibo is a registered trademark of Unirobot Co., Ltd.
( 2) The robot AI platform is a product of Fujitsu Limited.
(* 3) KitFit Silver Land is a system that supports the entire long-term care business, from the long-term care insurance business to the core business of facility operation. KitFit is a registered trademark of Tsuzuki Electric.
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