1 ROBOT Development Great Man Den
2 Career
3 Awards
4 Imagination and concentration cultivated through paintings and diaries as a boy
5 Give up on the picture and embark on the path of a robotics researcher
6 Robots will become more widespread and become familiar

ROBOT development great man biography


Name: Hiroshi Ishiguro
Date of Birth: October 23, 1963
Age: 56 years old (as of August 8, 2019)
Birthplace: Shiga Prefecture


After working as an assistant to a professor, he is currently a visiting director of ATR Hiroshi Ishiguro Research Institute and an honorary professor at Osaka University. One of the leading robot engineers in humanoid / android research, such as creating a robot that looks exactly like you and astonishing the world.

1986 Graduated from the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, University of
Yamanashi 1988 Completed the Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Yamanashi
1991 Completed the Department of Physics, Graduate School of Basic Engineering, Osaka University
1992 Completed the Department of Basic Engineering, Assistant, Full-time
2002 Graduate School of Engineering, Professor, Full-time
2005 Year Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Intelligence and Function Creation Engineering, Professor, Full-time
2009 Ongoing, Graduate School of Basic Engineering, Department of System Creation, Professor, Full-time
2013 Future Strategy Organization, 7th Division (Brain Cognitive Systems Research Division), Concurrent
2017 Continuing the year, Osaka University, Professor Emeritus, concurrent post
2019 Continuing, Osaka University, Director, Center for Symbiotic Intelligent Systems Research Center, Leading Interdisciplinary Research Organization

Award history

・ Guinness World Records (remote control type android “Geminoid”, adult female type android “Ripley Q2” set record as the world’s first life-like android)
・ Selected as “8 geniuses who change the world” by CNN
・ UK Selected as the 26th best Japanese in the “100 Living Geniuses” selected by a consulting company in Japan.・
Awarded “ATR Fellow”, a title given to world-class researchers who have created remarkable research achievements.
Received the Osaka Culture Award 2011, the
Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award, and the Sheikh Hammad Bin Lashid Earl McTum Knowledge Award, which is given to national political figures who have contributed to the spread of knowledge.

What is a human being at the basis of Mr. Ishiguro’s creation of unique research results that are highly evaluated worldwide? There seems to be the ultimate philosophical question. How did you become interested in robots and continue on your path to becoming a researcher?

Imagination and concentration cultivated in paintings and diaries as a boy

Mr. Ishiguro wanted to be a painter when he was young, and especially when he was in the lower grades of elementary school, he was thinking about painting without listening to the teacher during class. When he was in the third grade of elementary school, his interest changed to a diary, and he wrote a diary for one box of cardboard in one year. He was a boy with a strong desire to create.

When I went to junior high school, I became interested in reading, read books, and absorbed various knowledge and emotions. Even after entering high school, he decided to read many books, mainly Osamu Dazai and Yasunari Kawabata, and learn the structure as a study of how to draw novels, while keeping his motivation to read.

As you can see, it seems that when you are absorbed in one thing, you end up asking questions to adults until you solve your question. Mr. Ishiguro’s original and unstoppable research results It can be said that it was the imagination and concentration that I had refined since I was little that supported me.

Give up on the picture and embark on the path of a robotics researcher

After that, Mr. Ishiguro considered going to an art university to study his favorite paintings, but decided to go on to the Faculty of Engineering because he became interested in the personal computer that was becoming popular at that time. Furthermore, the subject of interest has expanded from computers to artificial intelligence and robots, and we have come to ask questions such as the range of recognition of intangible computers and what humans are.

He continued to draw pictures and handle computers, which he liked from an early age, and as he learned more deeply, he came to think that there was no difference between the canvas for drawing pictures and the robot for reproducing humans, and he seems to have reached the present. .. Mr. Ishiguro says that he was able to pursue the questions that come to mind and the interests that continue to arise as a result of his career as a researcher.

As in his childhood, it is no exaggeration to say that he has developed an android that looks just like himself, astonishing the world, by pursuing the desire to create a human-like robot and the learning necessary for that purpose.

Robots will become more widespread and become familiar
Nowadays, technological innovation is advancing, and in the field of nursing care facilities and customer service, they are already active in the form of being in charge of robots to talk to elderly people and simple customer service. Since research results have shown that Mr. Ishiguro can stabilize the emotions of long-term care facility users, robots that can communicate with each other will become more widespread and will become familiar to us in the near future.

The cost of humanoid robots is still high, but if they are mass-produced by IT technology that develops with the times and become cheaper, there is a possibility that the world will change drastically. He says that if he can tell and teach, he will have a great influence.

As with the rapid transition from the feature phone society to the smartphone society, it seems that the day when it will become commonplace for robots to be nearby is near.

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